Imagine Owning the Only Refrigerator in Town!

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Imagine what life would be like if you owned the only refrigerator in your town. Such a scenario sounds absurd to those of us living in Europe, where refrigeration is taken for granted, but it is quite real in many parts of India. It is a scenario that recently played out when a tailor in north-east India became the first person in his community to purchase a refrigerator.

A BBC story captured the moments leading up to the delivery of Santosh Chowdhury's new appliance. He paced nervously as he talked on his mobile phone, receiving updates from other villagers who were kind enough to track the refrigerator's progress through town. When it finally arrived at his home, Chowdhury seemed both ecstatic and a bit intimidated. However, his reaction can easily be forgiven when one considers that only about 25% of the homes in India have refrigeration. That says nothing for businesses.

Cold Chain Is Lacking

Countries such as India are at a distinct disadvantage in terms of food waste because of a noticeable lack of the cold chain. Without the means to keep food refrigerated, Indians must rely solely on fresh foods or ancient ways of preservation that do not involve temperature control. This is one of the primary reasons that the fight against world hunger has shifted from increasing supply to better preserving what we already have.

The cold chain problems in India seem so far away to those of us here in the UK. However, that does not diminish our need for cold storage. As a leading provider of portable refrigeration, Icecool Trailers knows all too well how lack of proper refrigeration can lead to food waste and other problems. We try to alleviate those problems by providing reliable refrigerated trailer hire for both planned events and emergencies.


Fortunately, we are not in a position at which Icecool Trailers is the only refrigerated trailer unit in town. Indeed, we have an entire fleet of trailers equipped with both fridges and freezers. One of our trailers can be delivered directly to your location and connected to your existing electrical supply for immediate refrigeration capacity. We also offer walk-in rooms to clients who prefer interior cold storage.

The Fridge/ Freezer Capacity You Need

Icecool Trailers has more than 20 years’ experience of providing walk-in cold rooms and refrigerated trailers to all sorts of businesses and organisations. We can provide you with the refrigeration capacity you need, when you need it. All it takes to get the ball rolling is a quick call to our main offices, from which you will be connected to one of our refrigeration specialists who can then help you determine just what it is you need.


Do not trust your portable refrigeration needs to just anyone. Instead, work with a company that has decades of experience and a proven track record. Contact Icecool Trailers today for portable cold storage service in London, Bristol, Bath, Somerset, and nearly all of southern England and South Wales. We are waiting to assist you in any way we can.


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