How to Be a Successful Cold Storage Provider

Picture of Icecool Trailer

Icecool Trailers has more than two decades experience providing trailer and cold room storage to meet temporary needs. We are proud of our history yet ever cognisant of the fact that past successes offer only limited benefits for meeting current needs. We must constantly strive to serve our customers according to what they need in the moment, not based on what our industry was like in the past.

For example, it is incumbent upon our sales team to continually reinforce the difference between refrigerated van hire and the trailers and cold rooms we stock. There are plenty of differences – differences that are important to our customers. We have to continually remind clients of our ability to respond to emergency needs, our delivery and pickup procedures, and so forth.

The best way to explain how we have remained an industry leader over the course of more than 20 years is to simply explain what it takes to be a successful cold storage provider. We have risen to the challenge thus far; we intend to continue doing so.

Cold Storage Options

To be successful in this business, you have to offer customers multiple options. We do just that. In terms of our cold rooms, we offer multiple sizes of both chillers and freezers. Each of our cold rooms can be hooked up to either mains power or an outside generator.

We offer similar options with our trailers. Clients can choose both refrigerated and freezer trailers in varying sizes. Trailers come complete with lighting, shelving, and lockable doors. They can also be hooked up either to mains power or a generator.

Prompt Delivery and Pickup

We believe that prompt delivery and pickup has been one of the keys to our success all along. We take care of transporting our trailers and cold rooms so as to relieve our clients of any extra burdens. They have enough to worry about just keeping their own businesses up and running; they do not need the extra burden of having to pick up and return a trailer or cold room.

Fast Emergency Service

Being able to respond quickly to emergency needs is critical to succeeding in our industry. Here at Icecool Trailers, we can respond to emergencies throughout the Greater London area in a matter of hours. We also strive to maintain same-day service outside of our emergency service area.

Excellent Customer Service

Finally, we believe success in the cold storage industry requires excellent customer service. We make customer service a priority throughout our entire service area in southern England and South Wales. Whether you are contacting us from Berkshire, Oxfordshire, or anywhere else, you get the same reliable customer service.

We have not become a cold storage industry leader by resting on the successes of the past. Rather, we have built on those successes to find new and better ways to serve our clients. If you need temporary cold storage for any reason, we hope you will consider Icecool Trailers.