Has the Heatwave Affected Your Walk-In Freezer or Chiller?

Picture of a Summer Heatwave

This is the time of year that Icecool Trailers sees an increase in emergency service calls due to on-site freezers and chillers failing under the high temperatures of summer. A lot of people are thrilled when autumn weather ushers in the end of the summer heat, many of them being restaurant and pub owners who struggle with high summer temperatures and the problems these pose for cooling.

As we look toward the middle of August and the eventual arrival of autumn, how is your on-site refrigeration doing? Has the heatwave affected your walk-in freezer or chiller? Now might be a good time for an inspection if you suspect any adverse effects from the heat. To point you in the right direction, below we describe a couple of ways high temperatures can affect commercial refrigeration units.

Heat Makes Them Work Harder

Even commercial walk-in freezers and chillers are not meant to be operated for extended amounts of time in temperatures of 35°C or higher. During the summer heat wave, kitchen temperatures in some restaurants and pubs became that warm, and even warmer. Such high temperatures force freezer and refrigerator compressors to work a lot harder to keep internal temperatures where they need to be.

This extra work obviously has the ability to wear out compressor parts more quickly. Older compressors are especially vulnerable for obvious reasons. If the compressors on any of your units seem to never shut off, you may have a problem. Also pay attention to any strange noises or funny smells coming from the compressors.

As a side note, compressor failure is one of the most common causes of commercial refrigeration breakdown. The fact is, compressors do not run forever. They eventually wear down until that time they will not work any longer.

Dirty Compressor Coils

Summer heat and humidity combine with the grease and grime of kitchen air to accumulate on compressor coils and filters. That's why we recommend cleaning both several times during the summer season. Dirty compressor coils make more work for the compressor unit, adding insult to injury when it's hot outside.

We recommend checking coils and air filters at least a couple of times per month during the summer. Keeping them clean gives your walk-in freezer or refrigerator a better chance of withstanding the summer heat wave.

More Energy Use

This last item is more about cost than breakdowns. During the summer months, the extra work being done by your on-site refrigeration units obviously consumes more power. The harder your units work, the more electricity they consume. It is just part of the game.

Summer is not a good time for walk-in freezers and chillers in commercial kitchens. Please note that this time of year is prime for breakdowns. If you have any trouble with your units, please do not hesitate to call Icecool Trailers. We have been serving customers with reliable emergency service throughout the Greater London area and beyond for more than 20 years.