How Freezer Trailer Hire Can Make a Better Restaurant

Freezer Trailer Hire for Restaurants

The Huffington Post published a fascinating article on April 13th discussing how the average residential freezer is used as a storage place for processed foods rather than a tool for families looking to create healthier meals that will actually be eaten. While the details of the article do not pertain to what we do here at Icecool Trailers, the underlying theme does. We can expand on that theme to explain how freezer trailer hire can make for a better restaurant.

Restaurants are seasonal businesses that have ups and downs throughout the year. For example, a formal restaurant serving elegant meals will see business pick up around the Christmas holidays and then again around Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Restaurants that are more casual or focus mainly on fast food tend to see larger volumes during the summer months. In either case, peak season for a restaurant can cause big problems in terms of cold storage.

Freezer Trailer Hire Benefits

Processed Foods and Ingredients

There are some restaurants that address peak times by using more processed ingredients and food products rather than going fresh. Processed products can be purchased just days before they are needed in order to cut down on cold storage requirements. The downside is that the processed foods and ingredients don't taste as good. They can also be harder to work with. Freezer trailer hire can change that.

Renting a freezer trailer from Icecool Trailers a few weeks before the peak season hits can provide the extra cold storage restaurants need for peak season. They can then cook extra volumes of fresh foods and store them in the freezer in anticipation of increased volume. They don't have to rely on processed foods and, as a result, they can continue serving customers the same delicious meals they serve the rest of the year.

Saving on Waste

One of the things the Huffington Post article touched on is how homeowners tend to fill their freezers with processed foods they never eat. The food sits in storage until it eventually expires, then it is disposed of as waste. We wonder how many restaurants do the same thing after stocking up in anticipation of seasonal peaks.

If freezer trailer hire could encourage restaurant owners to prepare more fresh foods and rely less on processed products, perhaps there would be less food waste in the restaurant industry. We don't know for sure; we are just throwing that out as food for thought, so to speak.

No matter how you look at it, freezer trailer hire can be beneficial during peak seasons for restaurants. Renting a freezer increases cold storage capacity to help restaurants get through those busier times while wasting less food and focusing more on freshness.

Icecool Trailers hires out freezer trailers, refrigerator trailers, and walk-in cold rooms and freezers. Our units come in multiple sizes and can be connected to your existing electrical system. An external generator can be used when necessary as well.


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