How Cold Room Hire Supports Healthy Snacking

Picture of Healthy Snacks

The Nutritional Outlook website published a fascinating article on 26th December (2018) that talked about how sales of refrigerated snacks seem to be growing around the world. Though the article focused mainly on North America, we know that healthy snacking is big here in the UK as well. That made us think about how what we do – specifically cold room hire – can actually support healthy snacking.

Our industry is not directly involved in promoting healthy snacking habits among the general public. We don't focus on healthy eating, nutrition, or anything of the like. But we do support other companies heavily invested in healthy snacking. How so? By providing temporary cold storage via walk-in cold rooms, refrigerator and freezer trailers, etc.

Fresh and Healthy Snacks

The drive to encourage people to make more healthy food choices has been ongoing in the UK for just about a decade. Through partnerships between public agencies and the private sector, more people are more aware than ever before of what they are putting into their mouths. That's good. But more can be done.

According to Nutritional Outlook, one of the biggest areas of opportunity right now is found in fresh and healthy snacks. We are talking things like snack kits that include fresh vegetables and fruits. The only difficulty in promoting these kinds of snacks is that they have to be kept cold. That's where Icecool Trailers comes in.

Fresh and healthy snacks have to be stored in a temperature-controlled environment in order to maintain their freshness and quality. So if you are a distributor of such snacks, you're likely going to have a number of on-site refrigeration units in which to store your stock. What happens if one or more of your units fail?

Cold Room Hire Saves the Day

Failure of an on-site refrigeration unit could mean the loss of a significant amount of inventory. A call to Icecool Trailers saves the day. We can dispatch a walk-in cold room or trailer to your location within hours (in the Greater London area). But that's not all.

If you're anticipating the need for more cold storage capacity during your peak distribution season, there's no need to invest in purchasing additional refrigeration units that won't be used the rest of the year. Contact us instead. We can arrange for trailer or cold room hire for as long as you need it. Once peak is over, we will retrieve the units. You only pay for the time you need to rent and no more.

We believe our trailers and walk-in rooms are far more advantageous than refrigerated van hire. If you'd like to know why, just call and speak with one of our account specialists.

Healthy snacking is gaining traction around the world. As that industry grows and expands into more fresh snacking options, we will be here to supply distributors with emergency and scheduled temporary refrigeration. And that's how trailer and cold room hire can support healthy snacking.


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