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How a Walk-In Freezer Can Aid Medical Research

Icecool Trailers - 15-Dec-2017
Picture of Medical Research

It's fair to say that most of the walk-in freezer and cold room hire we provide goes to food service businesses like restaurants, caterers, hotels, and so forth. Sometimes we also provide service for technology companies and industrial partners. But did you know that medical science also has need of cold storage solutions? From research labs to hospitals, a cold room or walk-in freezer is often a big part of medical research.

To illustrate the point, consider a recent story published by Science Daily detailing a new cold storage method that will allow Japanese researchers to freeze sperm samples for up to 10 days without risking sample viability. That may not mean much to you and I, but it is an important breakthrough for the scientists who came up with the technology.

More Time for Transport

Current standards call for storing genetically modified sperm samples from laboratory mice in a refrigerator for up to three days. The samples are never frozen because that would put them at risk. As such, any samples produced in Japan cannot be safely shipped outside of Asia.

With the new method developed at Kumamoto University, researchers will be able to freeze samples for up to 10 days. Freezing allows for longer periods of cold storage and, by implication, the ability to ship samples all around the world. What was limited to three days for refrigeration has been extended more than three times by freezing.

It Still Requires a Freezer

So how does this impact Icecool Trailers? It gives us yet another avenue to promote our walk-in freezer hire. Any UK company, hospital, university, or research lab receiving frozen samples from Japan is going to need an on-site freezer. Some of those organisations may learn how to employ the freezing method themselves, allowing them to start shipping their own samples. They will need freezers too.

Whenever there is a call for on-site freezers, there's also the risk that the units will break down at some point. Icecool Trailers is always standing by to supply replacement units at a moment's notice. A walk-in freezer from Icecool Trailers is delivered to the site, set up by our technician, and connected to a power supply at no charge. When the rental term is complete, we send a technician back to retrieve the unit.

How Can We Help You?

A walk-in freezer, which is a far better option compared to refrigerated van hire, can aid medical research by providing effective cold storage for biomedical samples. Icecool Trailers is pleased to be able to serve companies in the biomedical field along with healthcare facilities and universities.

Our question to you is this: how can we help your business or organisation? We provide emergency and scheduled cold storage hire across most of southern England and southern Wales. We even offer 2-4-hour emergency service within the Greater London area. If you need a walk-in freezer or cold room, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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