How A Portable Walk-In Freezer Can Save the Day

portable walk-in freezer installed by Icecool Trailers

The question is an important one given the fact that the utility company told locals the power would not be restored until approximately 8:30 PM. That means an entire day in which a restaurant owner must either shut down operations or risk food spoilage by continually opening and closing freezer doors. And even at that, promises of restored power do not necessarily come to fruition in a timely manner. The owner would be in even more trouble if the power had not been restored by the next morning.

The solution to this sort of dilemma is a portable freezer room available from a company like ours. We are not talking about a trailer or van that needs to be parked outside. Outdoor solutions are inconvenient for an established restaurant and, to some degree, a bit of a security risk. No, we are talking about a portable room that can be brought into your restaurant in less than an hour or two. We are talking about a solution that can literally save the day in the event of an emergency power outage.

How It Works

The scenario we proposed here is not unusual. And in this case, news reports listed three specific restaurants that were directly affected. These are exactly the kinds of situations that Icecool Trailers specialises in. If a restaurant owner calls us for emergency refrigeration or freezer service in London, here's how it would work:

  1. One of our cold storage specialists would help the customer determine his or her immediate needs.
  2. A local truck with a portable walk-in freezer would be dispatched immediately.
  3. The freezer would be delivered to the restaurant and carried in through the main doors.
  4. Our technicians would assemble the freezer panels, connect the room to a generator, and start it up.
  5. The installation would include shelving, lighting, and a lockable door.

Our emergency service is such that the affected restaurant owner could have a portable freezer room delivered and installed long before his or her food products began to thaw. They could keep the freezer on site until such time as power was restored, whereupon they would simply call Icecool Trailers so we would come out to collect the unit. If there are any mechanical problems during the rental period, one phone call results in a technician being dispatched right away.

We are not exactly sure how all of the affected businesses in The Cut neighbourhood dealt with the power outage. Nevertheless, we did see one photograph showing a refrigerated trailer parked out front, blocking the entrance of the restaurant. A better solution, as long as space provided, would have been a portable walk-in freezer room from Icecool Trailers. A freezer room would have provided all the storage capacity necessary without obstructing the entrance to the restaurant.


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