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How a Cold Room Keeps Things Cold

Icecool Trailers - 08-Feb-2019
Picture of the inside of a Cold Room

So, how would you like to understand what Icecool Trailers does from a more scientific standpoint? You already know that we deliver walk-in cold rooms and refrigerated trailers for temporary cold storage needs, so we thought you might also enjoy understanding how these units actually work. The science of how cold rooms keeps things cold is quite fascinating.

Below you will see an explanation of both the cooling cycle and the insulation used in our trailers and cold rooms. Note that what you read applies to both refrigeration and freezing. Freezer trailers and walk-in rooms work the same as chillers, just at colder temperatures.

Removing Heat from the Space

Every trailer and cold room we rent out has a built-in compressor that does the bulk of the work. The compressor is part of a system that also includes a liquid/gas refrigerant and a heat exchanger. The entire system is sealed and under high pressure.

The cooling cycle begins with the refrigerant, as a gas, moving through the compressor where it is constricted (compressed) considerably, thus raising its temperature and pressure. This hot gas then leaves the compressor and starts flowing through the line into the interior spaces of the cold room. That's when the magic happens.

Hot gas coming in contact with the cooler temperatures of the line inside the cold room causes the gas to quickly contract and liquefy. Still under high pressure, the liquid refrigerant flows through the line and absorbs heat from the interior space, gradually getting warmer as it makes its way through the loop.

The warming refrigerant eventually flows through a heat exchanger, a device that removes the heat before sending the refrigerant back to the compressor. The compressor then compresses the refrigerant and starts the whole cycle again.

Insulating the Space

Compressors do most of the work in keeping our cold rooms cold. But they cannot do it all alone. In order to minimise the amount of work they have to do and keep the temperature inside consistent, the manufacturers of our trailers and walk-in cold rooms use a specific kind of insulation.

The insulation they use is a poor conductor of heat. As such, it helps to keep cold exterior spaces cold regardless of how warm it is outside. The heat from exterior spaces will simply not carry through the insulation well enough to have a serious impact on interior temperatures.

We should also note that the choice of insulation products is critical for fridge trailers and walk-in cold rooms. If it's not the right kind of insulation capable of maintaining consistent temperatures, condensation can form on the inside of the unit. That could lead to ice formation and even mould growth.

Now you know how a cold room keeps things cold. If you have need of a cold room or fridge trailer for either long- or short-term storage, feel free to contact us. We have been serving most of southern England and South Wales for more than 20 years.

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