Greater Emphasis on 'Cold Economy'

cold storage and temporary refrigeration

A prominent carbon consultancy firm is calling on the British government to refocus its energy reduction and refinement attentions on what they call the 'cold economy'. Carbon Trust says that refocusing carbon reduction strategies and improving everything from portable refrigeration to environmental cooling could create tens of thousands of jobs while also helping Britain reach its carbon reduction goals.

The idea behind the cold economy is one that envisions bringing together resources from engineering, finance, manufacturing, and science to create better performing, yet more efficient, cooling technologies. The creation of this cold economy would inevitably lead to better equipment across the board, including the portable refrigeration units we rent out at Icecool Trailers.

Because the idea is still fairly new, we are not quite sure how the cold economy would directly affect what we do. However, any equipment improvements that could make our refrigerated trailers and freezers better would be welcome. We would be more than happy to offer our customers equipment that does a better job while using less energy.

Cold Economy Meets Cold Chain

Similar to the idea of the cold economy is another concept known as the cold chain. In simple terms, the cold chain is the supply of refrigeration equipment and strategies necessary to bring food and other products in need of refrigeration to the market. As an example, the cold chain employed to get vegetables from a British farm to Asian markets would include refrigeration at the local farm, the processor, the distribution warehouse, during transport and, finally, at the retail sales point.

Combining the cold economy concept with the cold chain would mean greater emphasis on developing technologies that make the entire chain better. In the case of our refrigerated trailers and walk-in rooms, we supply equipment for every stage of the cold chain. An emphasis on the cold economy would be all about making our equipment more effective and less costly to operate.

Some of the ideas currently being looked at include use of new coolants and alternative energy sources. Nevertheless, Carbon Trust says cryogenics should also be part of the equation. The consultancy wants the UK to be the world leader in the cold economy, just as we are in other areas of technology.

Portable Cold Storage

Carbon Trust does have a point in asserting that very little effort has been put into making the cold chain better for the purposes of helping Britain reduce carbon emissions. Nonetheless, that does not mean much to you and your day-to-day business operations. You are more concerned about maintaining the cold storage you need to successfully run your company. That is where Icecool Trailers can help.

Our trailers and walk-in rooms are available for both emergencies and your planned events. Walk-in rooms are ideal where interior cold storage is needed. Our cold rooms and walk-and freezers can be delivered, set up, and operated using whatever space you have available inside your building.


Freezer and refrigerator trailers are a great solution when you need exterior cold storage. Using one of our trailers is as easy as pulling it into place and connecting it to your existing electrical system. With just one phone call, you could be up and running with the portable cold storage you need.

For more than 20 years, Icecool Trailers has been providing portable cold storage throughout London, the Thames Valley, and most of south England and Wales. Call us (01635 250 950) for same-day service. We can also offer two-hour emergency service within the Greater London area.

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