Global Food Waste Sheds Light on Temporary Refrigeration

modular, mobile cold room in use by caterer
We will address options like refrigerated trailers and walk-in freezers for UK businesses in just a moment. First, let us look at some of the numbers presented by the IME report. According to that report:

• 25% of the food waste in the developing world could be prevented by adequate refrigeration
• 50% of the fruits and vegetables in sub-Saharan Africa are lost annually
• 25% of the milk produced during Tanzania's wet season is lost annually.

We have the technology to provide both permanent and temporary refrigeration in the developing world. What is being used right now in the UK could be adapted to other environments to preserve larger volumes of food while improving food security. Here's hoping such action will be taken in the future.

Temporary Refrigeration in the UK

Here at home, temporary refrigeration is an important part of reducing food waste across the country. For example, we have a client in the hospitality business operating in Warwickshire. This client routinely uses us for refrigerated trailers and freezers for various outdoor events. Over the years, we have helped the vendor save a lot of food that would otherwise have gone to waste.

Food waste can be the result of either poor planning or unexpected emergencies. As far as Icecool Trailers is concerned, there is no need for either situation to result in food spoilage. Where poor planning is the culprit, spoilage can be mitigated simply by calling and speaking to one of our refrigeration specialists. We can have refrigerated trailers or freezers delivered directly to your location, and set up, with almost no effort on your part. Whether you are talking about a catered gathering, a corporate event, or even a large household party, portable refrigeration can eliminate food waste.

As for emergency refrigeration, Icecool Trailers is an emergency refrigeration specialist. Another one of our clients in Bristol recently needed an emergency walk-in freezer after his business-owned unit went down. We had our freezer delivered and set up in less than two hours. Our client was able to keep his business operating through the weekend until the necessary repairs were completed on his built-in unit.

Whether it is British businesses or food producers in developing countries, adequate refrigeration is the key to preventing food waste. Moreover, it is such a simple solution, too. Just by keeping fresh foods cold, we are reducing unnecessary waste and adding to food security.

We hope you will consider Icecool Trailers for your portable refrigeration needs. We offer various sizes of trailers and walk-in rooms complete with lighting and shelving. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out what we can do for you.


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