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Fridge Trailer Rental: Avoid Wedding Day Nightmares

Icecool Trailers - 02-Mar-2018
Picture of Wedding Fridge Trailer Rental

The Daily Mail published a story on 26th February detailing a number of brides who sued their caterer after he delivered food not befitting the day being celebrated. That got us to thinking. There are lots of ways to create a wedding day nightmare by serving bad food. Not having adequate refrigeration is one of those ways.

We constantly pitch fridge trailer rental to catering companies who specialise in out-of-the-way wedding venues. Why? Because there are plenty of venues that do not have adequate refrigeration capacity. Having access to reliable fridge trailer rental makes it possible for a caterer to pull off the wedding without a hitch and with absolutely no worries of offering spoiled food.

Your Clients' Special Day

A wedding day is supposed to be the most special day of all for your clients. If you are a caterer, you cannot afford to host an event without adequate refrigeration in place. You certainly don't want to do what the caterer featured in the Daily Mail piece did.

After taking more than £800 per event, the caterer delivered pre-packaged grocery store food along with some homemade items the clients termed as ‘inedible’. No one quite knows what this poor man was thinking. But even if he had created the food from scratch, he still would have needed adequate refrigeration to keep it fresh.

Your clients are expecting a magical day for their nuptials. You need to deliver that magic, at least where catering services is concerned. You need to have adequate refrigeration on hand, and this is where Icecool Trailers can help. Compared to refrigerated van hire, our refrigerated trailers are a much better option.

What Comes with Fridge Trailer Rental

When you rent one or more of our trailers, you get a lot of value for money. First, we offer multiple sizes of trailers to meet a variety of needs. We will work with you to make sure you have more than enough cold storage space to handle your upcoming wedding event.

Next, you get free delivery. We don't want our clients to have to worry about transporting a refrigerated trailer to and from the location, so we handle it all. Your only responsibility is to make sure you get your food inside the trailer as soon as you can. We deliver, set-up the trailer, hook it up to a power source, and maintain it for as long as you need it. When you're done, we come and take it away.

Third, you get 24-hour call-out service. Should anything go wrong with the trailer while it's in your possession, we will either fix it or replace it.

We have great sympathy for those couples whose magical days were ruined by an irresponsible caterer. Here at Icecool Trailers we're doing our best to make sure caterers are fully equipped with adequate refrigeration. If you're in the business of catering, your busy wedding season is fast approaching. Contact us to learn more about our fridge trailer rental.


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