Freezer Trailer or Room: Which is better for events?

Freezer Trailer Hire

At Icecool Trailers we hire out both freezer trailers and freezer rooms for events. In our experience, for events most people opt for a trailer instead of a freezer room although in truth both types of refrigeration unit are perfectly suitable for indoor and outside events.

The reason freezer trailers are more popular is because they are easier to work with from an installation point of view. We tow our trailers to where they need to be and we then set up all electrical connections, install the shelves and stabilise the unit for safety.

In comparison, freezer rooms have to be physically built up on site because they have a modular design. For us, this process takes around 10 minutes which is very good although that’s still 10 minutes more than it takes to get a freezer trailer all set up.

For outdoor events freezer trailers are best

Freezer trailers are definitely better suited to outside events where the weather could be an issue. Trailers sit on their chassis clear of the ground while freezer rooms should have a base underneath them to protect them from wet ground. It’s simply easier to have a trailer under the circumstances which is why we recommend trailers for outdoor events.

For indoor events freezer rooms are best

For indoor events, freezer rooms are best. Why? Because they are built up inside the venue and as a result they can go where freezer trailers can’t. Our freezer rooms are available in sizes 1.8m and 3.0m and they are ideal for events. Our freezer rooms are lockable and they can run off both 13-amp and 16-amp electrical systems including some generators.

Hire a freezer trailer or freezer room from Icecool Trailers

Whether you would like to book a freezer trailer or freezer room for an upcoming event or you require an emergency refrigeration solution, we can help.

We have been hiring out freezer trailers and freezer rooms across the United Kingdom for over twenty years. Common areas we serve include London, South Wales, Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire although we are happy to deliver our units anywhere in the UK. We price our refrigeration solutions based on the distance it takes to get to you and the amount of time you wish to hire your refrigeration unit for.

To find out more about our refrigeration solutions such as freezer trailer hire, give us a call on 01635 250 950 today.