Freezer Trailer Hire: Don't Forget the Ice

Picture of a Ice Cube

Customers who call us for freezer trailer hire may be in need of trailers for any number of reasons. We may work with a caterer putting on a holiday party or a college in need of extra cold storage during kitchen renovations. One thing common to every case is the need to protect items from spoilage – including ice.

Ice is probably the last thing you think about in terms of freezer trailer hire. After all, ice is already frozen. Furthermore, we use ice to keep things cold when refrigeration is down. What you may not know is that ice can be contaminated just as easily as food or medical products. If you are contacting Icecool Trailers for freezer trailer hire, we encourage you to not forget your ice. Do not forget to protect any ice that will be served or used alongside food.

Ice Is Food

As ice is served in both drinks and alongside some food items, it is considered food itself. That's why ice makers are considered food production machines in the UK. It is also why hygiene is just as important to ice machines as it is freezers and refrigerators. Contaminated ice can lead to food poisoning.

When using a freezer trailer to keep food items frozen until they are needed, keep unused ice in the freezer as well. We say this even if you are using ice to reduce the temperature of food items being displayed for your guests. Only bring out just enough ice to meet the needs of the display; keep the remainder of the ice in the freezer trailer.

Furthermore, stored ice should be kept in sealable, airtight containers to prevent any sort of contamination. Employees who handle ice should take the same care as they would with other food products.

How Ice Is Contaminated

Food service operators should be aware that ice can be contaminated in several ways. The first is being handled by dirty hands. We do not allow restaurant workers to handle food in this way, and we should not be allowing them to handle ice either.

Another problem is dirty or contaminated ice scoops and buckets. All ice scoops and buckets should be properly cleaned at the end of every business day, and throughout the day as needed. A dirty ice scoop or bucket should never be used to handle ice.

Finally, ice can be contaminated in both the production and storage phases. Where production is concerned, contaminants can get into water before it is frozen into ice. After production, any contaminants present in a storage facility can make their way to the ice if it is unprotected.

If you are in need of freezer trailer hire throughout Greater London or elsewhere in southern England or parts of Wales, contact Icecool Trailers right away. We have a trailer or walk-in a room that's right for you. And remember, don't forget the ice. Be just as careful with it as you would any other food product.