Forget the Ice House – Choose a Cold Room Instead

Picture of an Ice House Cold Storage

Getting ready to wrap up yet another successful year reminds us at Icecool Trailers of how fortunate we are to have such great customers. Our success also reminds us that we live in a day and age of incredible convenience. A cold room we might hire out to a catering company in 2018 would not have been available a few hundred years ago. Instead, the only way to keep things cold was to build and utilise an ice house.

There are hundreds of old ice houses scattered across Britain. In fact, entire ice house tours have been developed to allow fans of history to see how people used to live before the advent of modern refrigeration. Getting a glimpse of one of these magnificent structures really puts refrigerator and freezer hire in perspective.

Year-Round Ice Storage

Just like a cold room we might rent out, the point of an ice house was to provide long-term cold storage by using what nature offered. A typical ice house was built in the shape of an egg, with the narrow portion being a hole dug into the ground. That hole was covered with an igloo-like structure that may have had just one small point of access.

During the cold winter months, people would cut blocks of snow and ice and transport them to the ice house for storage. The blocks were put into the hole first, then stacked on top and around as the hole filled up. The ice was then packed in some sort of insulating material – like sawdust or straw.

A well-constructed ice house with the right kind of insulation could preserve ice blocks for a year or more. Fully stocking an ice house during the winter meant having plenty of ice during the spring, summer, and autumn. The ice was used for everything from food preservation to creating cold beverages on those hot, summer days.

Cold Room Hire Convenience

We have tremendous respect for our forebears who worked so hard just to keep things cold. Today, we are blessed to live in an age of convenience. We all have refrigerators and freezers in our own homes, and businesses that rely on cold storage can call a company like Icecool Trailers whenever the need for temporary cold storage capacity arises.

Restaurants and hotels no longer need ice houses. Instead, a cold room is the way to go. And as an alternative to refrigerated van hire, cold room hire from Icecool Trailers is easy, convenient, and cost-effective. We offer cold rooms and trailers throughout Greater London, most of southern England, and portions of South Wales.

Icecool Trailers wants to thank all those customers that have helped make 2017 such a successful year for us. As always, keep us in mind for all your temporary cold storage needs. Whether you need a cold room for a planned event or a trailer to accommodate you during an emergency, we are standing by to serve you.