Famous Charity Refrigerator Going to the Auction Block

Marathon Fridge Being Auctioned

You may have heard of Tony Phoenix-Morrison, the award-winning fundraiser who has been walking and running around the UK with a Smedge refrigerator strapped to his back. The refrigerator has clocked more than 1,000 miles on the back of its host and has become famous throughout the UK thanks to numerous television appearances and news write-ups. And now it's for sale.

Phoenix-Morrison has decided to auction the refrigerator on eBay as he makes plans for a 2,800-mile adventure across America next year (2015). Proceeds from the sale will help fund his trip to the States and, provided there is money left over, go to various cancer charities.

The winning bidder will get Tony's famous refrigerator along with a choice of doors, T-shirts, some signed pictures, and more. Phoenix-Morrison will even throw in a free fridge-running course if the winner wants to learn how to run around with a large appliance strapped to his or her back. The one thing the fridge will not do is keep your food cold. Phoenix-Morrison removed the motor in order to make it easier to carry.

Refrigeration Creativity

Although this story is not directly related to what we do at Icecool Trailers, we have been following Phoenix-Morrison because we appreciate his creativity and his willingness to do what he does to raise money for various charities. It is that same kind of creativity that has driven the refrigeration industry since its infancy. Creative minds working to solve cold storage problems have enabled us to develop a technologically advanced cold chain that keeps food prices low and supplies high. One need only look to the developing world to know what life would be like without a functioning cold chain.

Icecool Trailers is doing its part in the cold chain by providing temporary refrigeration for both planned and emergency events. No, we do not carry modified refrigerators you can strap to your back for charity events. However, we do provide several different sizes of freezer and refrigerated trailers along with walk-in cold rooms and freezers.

Our trailers are the perfect option for exterior cold storage. Not only are they easy to install and set up, but they can be used for outdoor venues at which other types of cold storage are just not possible. Your company holiday party comes to mind, for example.

Our walk-in cold rooms and freezers are ideal for interior cold storage in restaurants, warehouses, medical facilities, and so forth. Cold rooms are easy to set up, requiring no oversized doors or loading docks. Both trailers and walk-in rooms come fully furnished with shelving and lighting.

We wish Tony Phoenix-Morrison well on his new charity venture across America. In the meantime, we will continue meeting the needs of our customers here in the UK. Whether you need emergency cold storage in London or a walk-in freezer in Bath, Icecool trailers has what you need. We are your specialists for same-day chiller hire and portable cold storage for planned events. We service most of England and Wales with same-day service. Two-hour emergency service is available within our Greater London delivery area.


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