Emergency Refrigeration Is Not Just for Food

Picture of Emergency Fridge Trailer

Regular readers of our blog know that emergency refrigeration is not limited to protecting food. There are numerous industries that rely on refrigeration and freezing capacity for day-to-day operations. Businesses in any of these industries could be adversely affected by an emergency that took down cold storage capacity. For example, consider a small lab operating at Imperial College London. They rely on cold storage to keep their brain bank in operation.

Yes, you did read that correctly. Imperial College London has a legally certified brain bank that contains hundreds of preserved human brains used for medical research. Each of the brains (all of which have been donated) is carefully labelled upon entering cold storage. When researchers need a new specimen for dissection, they choose one according to their needs.

The lab specialises in Parkinson's research. If you are not familiar with the disease, Parkinson's is a degenerative neurological condition that gradually causes a complete loss of motor function. Though rarely fatal, it is almost always debilitating to some degree. The brains donated to the college come from people who had Parkinson's as well as some who did not. Researchers compare the tissue in the hope of learning more about how Parkinson's progresses.

Tissue Must Be Kept Frozen

In order for the donated brain tissue to be viable for research, it must be preserved in an organic compound and frozen within 48 hours. The tissue must remain frozen until it is needed. As you might guess, Imperial College London goes to great lengths to make sure they have enough freezer capacity and that said capacity is reliable.

What would happen if their freezer failed? The college would have only a short window of time to procure emergency refrigeration or get their freezer up and running again. Icecool Trailers is an emergency refrigeration provider that could answer the call with same day, emergency delivery was it ever necessary.

As an alternative to refrigerated van hire, our trailers and walk-in rooms are quickly dispatched throughout the Greater London area by fully trained technicians who deliver the units, set them up, and make sure they are working properly before they leave the customer's site. We can have emergency refrigeration and freezer units dispatched across the region in a matter of hours.

Whatever the Need, We Will Meet It

It is true that the vast majority of our customers are involved in food service in some way, shape, or form. But emergency refrigeration is not exclusive to food storage. We have clients involved in the tech sector that require temporary refrigeration to protect sensitive electronic components. We work with medical facilities requiring cold storage to preserve specimens.

Regardless of need, we can meet it. We encourage businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions across our service area to consider what they will do in the event their cold storage capacity is ever interrupted. Now is the time to make contingency plans, rather than waiting until an emergency arises.


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