Emergency Fridge Rental (and Volunteers) Save the Day

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In the early morning hours of Friday, August 22, smoke began rising from a refrigerated trailer parked at a festival site in Toledo, Ohio (USA). What nearby residents did not know was that a faulty refrigeration unit had started a fire that would destroy the contents of the trailer: 1.5 tonnes of German potato salad made by volunteers in preparation for Toledo's annual German Potato Salad Festival. Thank goodness emergency fridge rental was standing by.

By the time fire service arrived, the refrigerated trailer was a total loss. And what the fire itself didn't destroy was lost to smoke and water. All of that salad, along with the labour of hundreds of volunteers, was gone in an instant. What's more, the 49th annual festival was set to open in under 12 hours. What could be done to save the day?

Festival organisers called the refrigeration company and asked if emergency fridge rental was immediately available. The company had a new trailer on-site within hours. Organisers then put out the word and were delighted by the throng of volunteers who arrived to make potato salad all over again. With everybody working together, 250kg of salad was ready in time for opening. Volunteers continued making salad to provide enough for the entire weekend.

Emergencies Bring Out the Best In Us All

It has been said that you do not really know a person's character until that person is tested. We believe the same is true for companies. Emergencies are what bring out the best in all of this, as this story demonstrates. Had the same thing happened here in the UK, Icecool Trailers would have been standing at the ready to provide emergency fridge rental at a moment's notice. It is something we provide for our customers already.

We understand that emergencies, by their very nature, require quick action. When a customer calls us, we do not make them wait for days to receive delivery. We spring right into action to provide same-day service for any emergency. Furthermore, customers located within our immediate service area can expect delivery in two hours or less.

Earlier this spring we had an incident in which one of our customers, a small neighbourhood pub offering drinks and light meals, lost power along with everyone else in the neighbourhood. The power company reported damage that would take several hours to fix, warning that some customers might have to go all night without power. We responded by delivering a refrigerated trailer that was parked outside the establishment and hooked up to a portable generator. Our customer’s business carried on as normal, as if nothing had happened.

At Icecool Trailers, we have been providing portable cold storage in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Hampshire and throughout south-central England. When called upon, we are more than happy to go well outside our normal delivery area to service the needs of customers. We will do the same for you.

We offer different sizes of refrigerated and freezer trailers along with walk-in cold rooms and freezers.


Each of our units comes with full lighting, shelving and lockable doors. We maintain our equipment to the highest standards, using our own team of in-house technicians with the training and skills to ensure our trailers and cold rooms work flawlessly. In the event something does go wrong, our 24-hour call-out service can be dispatched immediately.

Icecool Trailers wants to be your supplier of emergency fridge rental and portable cold storage for your planned event. Please contact us so we can discuss your needs.


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