Emergencies can Require Fridge Trailer Hire

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Just One Emergency Can Create Need for Fridge Trailer Hire

It is amazing how much an emergency can disrupt day-to-day activities. As a leading provider of emergency fridge trailer hire in London, we know from personal experience that there is no such thing as a small crisis. Any emergency has the potential to develop into something very serious if not handled right away.

As an example, consider a fire that recently broke out in an outbuilding of the Treebridge Hotel in Middlesbrough. The fire destroyed a refrigeration system as well as some recycling barrels and portions of the building itself. Although the hotel remains open for business, it will be some time before the outbuilding and its refrigeration unit are replaced.

It is cases such as this where Icecool Trailers is at its finest. We are able to provide emergency fridge trailer hire at a moment’s notice – with just one phone call from the customer. Moreover, we offer two-hour emergency delivery within the Greater London area. Utilising our service means an emergency does not have to disrupt a customer's ability to provide adequate cold storage for food, medical supplies, technology, or whatever else needs to be kept cold.

Icecool Trailers continually strives to offer the fastest possible delivery throughout our entire service area. While we may not be able to get to all areas within two hours, we do our best to provide same-day service whenever possible. Why do we work so hard at this? Because we know that time is of the essence insofar as cold storage is concerned. A business owner has only so much time to get replacement refrigeration in place before the internal temperature of the damaged or malfunctioning unit gets too high. The faster we can get there, the more likely spoilage and waste will be avoided.


Short and Long Term Rentals

We have not dealt specifically with the Treebridge Hotel, so we have no way to know how long they will be without the refrigeration damaged in the fire. Having said that, the length of rental does not matter to us. We offer both short and long-term options for customers requiring either trailers or walk-in rooms. Whether a client is looking for a weekend rental or a long-term deal for building expansion matters not.

Fridge trailer hire is certainly not a permanent solution for a company's cold storage needs. However, it is an excellent option for emergencies and supplemental cold storage when necessary. The beauty of fridge trailer hire is that we can tow one of our units right to your location and install it wherever you have enough available space. We can then connect the trailer to your existing power supply or an external generator. It is as simple as that.

We wish the Treebridge Hotel all the best as they recover from their recent fire. As for our customers, let us remind you just how much an emergency can disrupt your day-to-day activities. Should you have need of emergency cold storage at any time, do not hesitate to contact Icecool Trailers. Let us provide your emergency fridge trailer hire.


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