Effective Pest Control with the Portable Freezer

Trailer and Coldroom

Effective Pest Control with the Portable Freezer

Icecool Trailers frequently brings you interesting stories to help underscore the versatility of portable refrigeration. It is part of our effort to let our customers know that there are plenty of valid uses for refrigerated trailers and walk-in freezers, above and beyond catering and restaurant storage. In light of that, let us introduce to you a story out of Australia that combines cane toads with portable freezers.

The cane toad is a terrible pest in Australia because it endangers indigenous species and poses a general environmental threat. Although the toad is not native to Australia (it was brought to the island nation from Hawaii some eight decades ago) it thrives in the country's ideal weather conditions and vast food supply. Government officials estimate there are some 200 million cane toads now on the ground, threatening vast expanses of land.

Australians have been trying to rid themselves of the toads for decades. One of the ways they used to do it was by freezing the pests until they died. The practice was banned about 20 years ago after animal-rights proponents questioned whether toads suffered pain during the process. Now, after a lengthy study, scientists have declared that freezing is the most humane way to dispatch the pests. There should be a lot of activity in the toad-freezing department in the near future.


Fast and Thorough

Australian experts have said that the key to humane freezing is a freezer unit that is cold enough to quickly shut down the brain of the toad so that it does not register any pain as the rest of the animal's organs freeze. The average commercial freezer or freezer trailer would be sufficient for the task. Experts also say the toads need to be continuously frozen for several days before being disposed of.

Apparently, the cane toad can survive if all of its organs are not completely frozen for a long enough time to cause them to die. Scientists say a frozen toad should be left for several days, especially in a non-commercial freezer.

Your Freezing Needs

We do not have a cane toad problem here in the UK. That said, the point of the story is well taken: there are many uses for freezers that most of us do not think about. For example, there are certain types of medical supplies and technology equipment that are best preserved in extremely cold environments. It is not unheard of for a technology company to use the portable freezer for short-term storage of sensitive components. And, of course, healthcare facilities refrigerate medications, samples, and specimens to preserve their integrity.

We do not expect to receive a lot of calls for walk-in freezer pest control. Nevertheless, this is the time of year when demand for our trailers and walk-in rooms begins to grow. If you suspect you have any need for portable refrigeration this summer, now is the time to call Icecool Trailers to make arrangements. We are here to service you with several sizes of trailers and walk-in rooms, all with complete lighting and shelving. All we need to get you set up is sufficient installation space and an existing electrical connection. We service Greater London, the Thames Valley, and most of England and South Wales.


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