How Mobile Refrigeration Helps to Control Expansion Costs

Picture of Stocked Refrigeration Hire

As sales of organic food and drinks continue to reach record-setting levels across the UK, vendors of all kinds are thrilled to be looking at expansion. Opportunities to expand into new markets means higher growth potential and more profits. But to expand responsibly, you have to do two things: manage costs and expand slowly and methodically. Icecool Trailers can help with mobile refrigeration.

Any business that deals in food products has to be especially sensitive to the many challenges that come with expansion. In the area of organic food and drink, expansion inevitably means increasing inventories enough to meet existing demand and then some on top of that. Without proper planning, this could lead to higher than expected cold storage costs.

When companies rely on temporary mobile refrigeration instead, expansion costs are better controlled. There are three ways in which this occurs: greater flexibility, immediate installation, and the elimination of maintenance costs.

1. Greater Flexibility

Mobile refrigeration hire is easily the most flexible way to expand cold storage capacity on an as-needed basis. A business looking at expansion could rent a trailer or walk-in cold room to facilitate the start of a planned expansion project, then add additional units as needed. When the inevitable slowdown comes – and it will – extra units can be returned. This is ideal for businesses that need to manage the busy Christmas period and summer wedding season.

2. Immediate Installation

If a restaurant or catering company wants to build a new walk-in cold room, there may be planning permissions and other similar things to deal with. Because it is so troublesome, the temptation is to build bigger than you need so that you grow into the space. But this represents costly overhead.

Mobile refrigeration solutions can be installed immediately without the need for planning permissions. Because our trailers and walk-in cold rooms are only temporary, customers are not making structural changes to their buildings. As a result, they do not have to jump through hoops or spend too much money.

3. Elimination of Maintenance Costs

Compared to refrigerated van hire, mobile refrigeration in the form of trailers and walk-in rooms requires far less maintenance. And even at that, we handle all the maintenance on every unit we rent. Customers are never responsible for it. That immediately eliminates the cost of maintenance associated with buying new units.

By contrast, maintenance comes with the deal every time a business owner decides to purchase new refrigerators and freezers. Maintenance costs are not something a business needs when it is trying to put as much money as possible into expansion.

Expansion is financially challenging for any business. But when a business is involved in food service in any way, additional costs are incurred by the need to keep food products fresh. We maintain that mobile refrigeration is one way to help defray the costs of expansion without sacrificing cold storage capacity. We invite you to put us to the test during your own expansion project.