Combat Food Waste with Freezer Trailer Hire

Food Waste Reduction

Statistics cited by a recent piece in the Guardian suggests that the average British family throws roughly £700 worth of food into the bin every year. The most commonly discarded foods are bagged salads, amounting to about 40% of the total products purchased. That equates to some 37,000 tonnes of lettuce and other fresh vegetables discarded in the rubbish bin. In light of that, we want to emphasise how our customers can help combat food waste with freezer trailer hire from Icecool Trailers.

Food waste has been an ongoing problem in Great Britain for some time. But that waste is not limited just to individual families and households. Restaurants, hotels, and even caterers throw away significant volumes of food every day. Some of the waste is the direct result of over-purchasing and then not using the entire inventory. Some of it is due to lack of adequate cold storage, and still more waste is the result of cold storage failures.

Here at Icecool Trailers, there isn't a lot we can do about purchasing too much inventory; that's a management issue. But we can help where cold storage capacity is concerned. When refrigerator and freezer trailer hire are necessary, Icecool Trailers is ready to step up. Our rental trailers provide the necessary cold storage capacity for as long our customers need it.

Extra Seasonal Volume

There are certain seasons during which food service businesses must increase their inventories. For example, the average London hotel or restaurant will need to keep more food on hand during the Christmas and New Year holiday period. Increased inventories are at risk of spoilage when a food service business does not have adequate cold storage capacity. Refrigerator or freezer trailer hire from Icecool Trailers is the answer.

One of our trailers can be parked right outside an establishment for easy access. The restaurant or hotel can order as much product as necessary, then keep it adequately cold or frozen depending on the trailer. When the busy season is over, the unit is returned to us and the rental agreement is terminated. It couldn't be easier.

Cold Storage Failure

You cannot plan emergencies, right? But you can plan to contact Icecool Trailers for refrigerated or freezer trailer hire ahead of time. By planning for your temporary cold storage in advance of an emergency, you can rest assured that one phone call to our offices will dispatch the trailers you need. A breakdown of your on-site freezers or chillers doesn't have to mean you throw out a tonne of inventory that goes bad.

In closing, keep in mind the major difference between refrigerated van hire and trailers from Icecool Trailers, which should be as obvious as the difference between a car and a refrigerator or freezer. Our chillers are simply cold storage units built on wheels for easy transport. A refrigerated van is a complete vehicle with an engine, fuel tank, transmission, and all the potential problems that go with it.


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