Why Cold Storage Advertising Isn't for Chiller Hire

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Why Cold Storage Advertising Will Never Make It to Chiller Hire

We like to stay abreast of all the latest developments in the refrigeration industry so that we can remain on the cutting edge. To that end, we recently read a news story involving a company that has incorporated video advertising with cold storage. The idea is to use LCD screens built into commercial coolers to display messaging that will encourage patrons to purchase whatever is behind the glass. It may be a good idea for retail, but cold storage advertising will never make the transition to chiller hire and other on-demand cold storage solutions.

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Focal Media is the company behind the digital advertising displays. Their units feature a large LCD side-by-side with the cooler component. Heineken has already ordered a couple of hundred of the coolers with the intention of placing them in pubs where their products are sold. They hope advertisements will encourage patrons to purchase Heineken right from the cooler itself.

So why will this new form of cold storage advertising never work in our industry? Because the freezer and chiller hire we offer is not generally used for retail purposes. We provide trailers and walk-in rooms to businesses in need of large, wholesale cold storage. We serve catering companies, restaurants, medical facilities, technology companies, etc. Our trailers and walk-in rooms are not used on retail floors for product display.

Any advertisements placed on the side of a refrigerated trailer would be ignored in the best-case scenario, considered by customers to be annoying in the worst case. Our customers are looking for temporary freezer or chiller hire to get them through an emergency, special event or planned expansion. They are not looking to be subjected to advertising.


Two Different Environments

We bring up this story just to illustrate the fact that, despite many similarities, the retail and enterprise sectors are two entirely different environments insofar as cold storage is concerned. Technologies such as the new refrigeration battery and ammonia-based compressors are equally beneficial to both sectors. However, things such as LCD advertising have very little appeal outside of retail. It is a technology that will not affect us at all.

Icecool Trailers makes a concerted effort to ensure that our customers always get top-of-the-line equipment maintained by our in-house staff of repair technicians. Our goal is to provide uninterrupted cold storage for any need, whether on a long or short-term basis. We believe our record speaks for itself. For more than 20 years, we have been faithfully serving customers in the Greater London area and throughout England and southern Wales, including Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Bristol, and Somerset.

Wedding Refrigeration Hire

We invite you to contact Icecool Trailers to arrange for freezer or chiller hire for your summer event. Keep in mind that summer will be here sooner than we realise, and your event will be upon you just as quickly. We offer service for weddings, corporate events, large family gatherings, and more. We can even provide two-hour emergency service within the Greater London area. Whether you need freezer or chiller hire for a planned event or an emergency, Icecool Trailers is always at the ready.

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