Cold Chain Summit Coming to London in November

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One of the biggest names in global refrigeration will be joining business, government, and academic leaders in London next month for the 'World Cold Chain Summit to Reduce Food Waste'. The inaugural summit, being organised and sponsored by Carrier, will seek to address problems with food waste around the world, and how refrigeration solutions can help mitigate it. Portable refrigeration will undoubtedly be part of the discussion.

As explained by ACR News, the cold chain is a supply system that includes all of the refrigeration solutions needed from the time food is ready to be processed to its point of consumption. This includes refrigerated trailers, maritime refrigeration solutions, retail refrigeration, etc.


Icecool Trailers is an important part of the cold chain at the local level. We may not be involved in industrial-scale refrigeration for food processing plants on the other side of the world, but we do provide affordable and practical solutions for portable cold storage to clients of all kinds. For example, one day we might be installing a walk-in freezer for an expanding restaurant in central London. The next day we might be delivering multiple refrigerated trailers for a festival event in Surrey. The point is, without the effective portable refrigeration solutions companies such as ours provide, there would be a very definite hole in the cold chain at the local level.

The November summit aims to take what we have learned in the West and transfer it to the developing world. It is about promising new technologies, new processing methods, and industry best practices that can be harnessed to reduce international food waste significantly. Success in this area would go a long way toward addressing the larger problem of worldwide hunger.

Green Refrigeration

ACR News says that one of the focuses of this year's summit is the idea of green refrigeration. This concept is one of combining the latest technologies with changed behaviours in order to reduce emissions associated with the cold chain. Within the green concept will be a strong emphasis on transport and presentation of food products.

At Icecool Trailers, we are as concerned about green refrigeration as anyone. We must all do our part to reduce emissions if the UK is to reach its climate change goals. To that end, equipment manufacturers are working hard to produce new refrigeration units that are more environmentally friendly. Other green efforts include convincing retailers to install doors on open refrigeration systems in order to save energy.

We look forward to what the cold chain summit produces in terms of policy. In the meantime, we will continue serving our customers throughout Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire and many other areas of England and Wales. We are proud to be one of the leading names in portable refrigeration with a reputation dating back more than 20 years. Our typical service area includes South Wales, the M4 corridor to London, the Midlands and the Home Counties. We are often able to provide a 2-hour delivery service in cases of emergency. We also provide an out of hours call-out service for cases of critical refrigeration breakdown and emergency.

Icecool Trailers can provide portable refrigeration solutions for just about any need. We offer several different sizes of refrigerated and freezer trailers that can be delivered directly to your location and fully set up. For interior cold storage, we also offer multiple sizes of walk-in chillers and freezers. All of our units come with complete shelving and lighting for your convenience.


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