Chillers and Trailers that Help Save the Environment

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Here at Icecool Trailers we like to think we do more than just provide refrigerated trailers, freezers, and walk-in chillers to restaurants and hotels. Knowing what we know about our industry, we can safely say there is more to what we do than meets the eye. We know that something as simple as a rented cold room can do something as important as helping save the environment.

Before you roll your eyes and laugh under your breath, stop and consider bioenergy. A bioenergy plant takes waste products that would otherwise be sent to landfills and converts them to clean, usable energy. The UK just happens to be a world leader in bioenergy technology. And if it were not for temporary cold storage solutions, that would not be the case.

Bioenergy plants require temporary chillers to keep biodigester materials in check during maintenance. It is all explained below. Suffice to say that bioenergy plants rely on the same kinds of cold rooms and refrigerated trailers we rent to keep their operations up and running.

The Biodigestion Principle

Technology allows for many different ways to utilise biofuels. In the biodigester setting, the idea is to introduce bacteria to organic waste material in a controlled environment. As the bacteria breaks down the material, it generates both heat and methane gas. The heat is used to perpetuate the digestive process while the methane is harnessed for use as a clean biofuel.

Biodigester plants require routine maintenance just like any other form of power plant. During maintenance, both the bacteria and remaining biodigester material have to be cooled down so they don't continue generating heat and methane gas. That's where a walk-in cold room comes into play.

Plants rent multiple chillers that can be delivered and temporarily set-up on site. All of the biomaterial is loaded into those chillers for safekeeping during maintenance. Once maintenance is complete, the material is transferred back into the plant and nature is once again allowed to run its course.

Keeping Waste Materials Cold

To us, the most interesting thing about all of this is the fact that biodigester plants use temporary cold storage units to keep waste materials cold. In other words, they are chilling our rubbish. We normally associate cold room and freezer trailer hire with preventing waste by keeping food and medical products cold. But in this case, we are preventing waste from being wasted by keeping its temperature in check.

As you can see, there is more than one use for a cold room rented from Icecool Trailers. If you are ever in need of temporary cold storage – either for an emergency or a planned event – we can meet your needs throughout the Greater London area and most of southern England and South Wales. Our trailers and walk-in rooms are a better solution than refrigerated van hire for most applications. We invite you to reach out to us to learn more about how our solutions can be put to work for you.