Changing Frozen Food's Bad Reputation

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Talk to the average person on the street about frozen food and you are likely to hear comments about it being flavourless and lacking important nutrients as compared to fresh foods. Indeed, frozen food has a bad reputation that has been around for decades. Now, national supermarket chain Sainsbury's is aiming to change that by educating consumers in the facts about frozen food. It turns out that using freezers and refrigerator units the right way can actually do wonders for food products.

As a purveyor of temporary refrigeration and freezer equipment, we find Sainsbury's effort intriguing. We obviously believe in the benefits of refrigeration and freezing for food products, medical products, and technology purposes. Furthermore, we are fully aware that there are proper and improper ways to use refrigeration equipment. However, to see Sainsbury's supply all of these principles at a more personal level is rather interesting.

Sainsbury's has enlisted the help of the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) to promote their Love Your Freezer campaign. According to the BFFF's Brian Young, many people do not know much about freezing food. For example, fresh vegetables lose much of their nutritional value within the first 3 to 5 days after harvest. Nevertheless, fast freezing can prevent nutritional depletion if it is done correctly. Young says it is all about speed.

Freezing food causes ice crystals to form within it. Where vegetables are concerned, flavour and nutritional value are diminished as ice crystals get bigger. The way to avoid large ice crystals is to freeze vegetables as fast as possible. This results in smaller ice crystals that do not damage the product. For more information on how fridges and freezers actually keep things cold, you may wish to read our blog post here.

Sainsbury's and BFFF are using the frozen foods campaign to educate consumers about all sorts of frozen foods ranging from meats to fruits to desserts. As for us at Icecool Trailers, we will continue to educate our customers about the benefits of temporary refrigeration and freezer capacity.

Keeping Your Products Cold

Icecool Trailers are experts in cold storage. We can keep your products cold whether you are involved in food service, technology, manufacturing, or medical. We do what we do through our fleet of reliable trailers and walk-in cold rooms. We offer portable refrigeration solutions for emergencies and planned events throughout the Greater London area and most of England and South Wales.

Bear in mind that proper refrigeration and freezing can be critical to the success of your business. Just as freezing vegetables too slowly can diminish flavour and nutritional value, not providing optimal cold storage for your products can reduce their quality or allow them to spoil altogether. That is not good for your business no matter how you look at it.


We invite you to contact Icecool Trailers for all of your temporary refrigeration needs. We offer different sizes of refrigerator and freezer trailers for exterior storage. Trailers can be hooked to your existing electrical system or powered with a generator. For indoor storage, we offer various sizes of walk-in cold rooms and freezers delivered and assembled on site.

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Sainsbury's aims to change how consumers perceive frozen foods. Likewise, we aim to educate our customers about affordable and effective portable refrigeration. We are here to serve you with same-day delivery and two-hour emergency service in the Greater London area.


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