Cause of Snow and Ice in a Walk-In Freezer

picture of a walk-in freezer from Icecool Trailers

The temperature inside your restaurant is already climbing, even though it's still early in the day. You expect that during the summer season. You also expect that as the day wears on, you will start seeing an accumulation of ‘snow’ and ice inside your walk-in freezer. You do not know what to do because you don't know what's causing it. We will explain the science behind the phenomena in this post.

The accumulation of snow and ice boils down to the process of condensation. What is condensation? It is the evaporation and cooling of water vapour as a direct result of changes in temperature. For example, when water droplets form on the outside of a glass on a warm summer day, these are the result of condensation.

Warm air, which already holds some amount of water content, comes in contact with the colder surface of the glass. That colder surface reduces the temperature of the air, causing it to condense and form the water droplets appearing on the glass. The very same thing happens in your walk-in freezer.

Condensing and Freezing

Whenever you open the door of your freezer, warm air is allowed to enter the interior space. This warm air reacts to the temperature change by condensing. When the water content inside the freezer gets too high, the condensation begins to form ice and snow. The more frequently the freezer door is opened and closed, the more likely snow and ice accumulation is to develop.

The snow and ice problem can be especially troublesome when a freezer trailer is used in an outdoor environment. Therefore, manufacturers have to use specialised equipment capable of removing excess moisture quickly and effectively. Even at that, it might be extremely difficult to prevent all ice and snow build-up on extremely warm days when freezer doors are opened and closed frequently.

Walk-In Freezer Hire

Now that you know the science behind the ice and snow build up in your walk-in freezer, let us talk about walk-in freezer hire. Icecool Trailers are portable refrigeration specialists servicing London, Birmingham, Berkshire, South Wales, and many other parts of the UK. We can service customers in the Greater London area within two hours of initial contact.

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If you are in need of temporary refrigeration or freezing capacity, we can make it happen. All of our walk-in rooms come as a series of panels that are brought to your location and assembled on the spot. That means we do not need an overhead door and a forklift to deliver. We carry our panels right through your service entrance door and directly to the assembly area. We put the walk-in room together, install lighting and shelving, and hook the unit to your existing electrical system.

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