Arranging Freezer Trailer Rental When You Least Expect It

Emergency Freezer Trailer Rental

Here at Icecool Trailers, we talk frequently about emergency service. In fact, a lot of our business comes from emergency freezer trailer rental. That's one of the reasons we strive to provide 2-4-hour service in the Greater London area. But that's another topic for another day. In this post, we want to address arranging for freezer trailer rental so that it is available when you least expect to need it.

As a launching point, consider a recent scientific disaster in Canada that came about as a result of a failed freezer unit. Bear in mind that reporting this story is not intended to lay blame. It is simply to remind our readers that freezer failure can occur anywhere and at any time. Even the most sophisticated cold storage units are susceptible to breaking down.

Scientific Samples Lost

The scientific disaster in question occurred at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Apparently, the University had installed a brand-new £2.4 million cooling system to house a collection of more than 1,400 ice core samples taken from across the Arctic. The samples represented tens of thousands of years’ worth of Earth's history by way of trapped gases, pollen, and other materials.

The samples, some of which were collected back in the 1970s, began to melt when the temperature inside the freezer rose from -37°C to 40°C due to an as yet unspecified malfunction. The highly-advanced freezer unit attempted to self-correct but, instead, injected more hot air into the space. By the time the director of the archive discovered what had happened, more than 180 samples had already been lost.

Officials say it is not likely the samples will ever be replaced. Doing so could cost upwards of £800,000, which may be too much for the University or the government to spend.

Have a Plan in Place Now

If there's any good news out of the University of Alberta, it is the fact that the failure was caught in time to save 1200+ samples. We don't know exactly what was done to rectify the situation once it was discovered. We can say that the best way to avoid a catastrophic loss for your business or organisation is plan for emergency freezer trailer rental right now.

Create a plan based on the assumption that your cold storage units will fail at some point. If they never do, you haven't lost anything by coming up with a plan. If you do experience a failure, your plan will tell you how to proceed so that you don't have to stop and think about it.

Part of your plan should be contacting Icecool Trailers to find out what we can provide, how quickly we can get it to you, and what the approximate cost will be based on current pricing. Keep our phone number and the name of our sales representative handy as well. You never know when you might walk into your facility and find water on the floor.


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