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A Walk-in Cold Room Is Perfect for Your Pop-Up

Icecool Trailers - 13-Jul-2018
Picture of a Pop-Up Restaurant

Pop-up shops are all the rage in the UK these days. In fact, a 2017 report cited by Retail Gazette suggests the entire pop-up industry is worth some £2.3 billion. Some of those pop-ups are food service establishments. They are establishments that would benefit from renting a temporary walk-in cold room from Icecool Trailers.

One of the more interesting aspects of the 2017 report was a suggestion that many of the newly established retail operations in the UK started out as pop-ups. If true, it suggests that doing things right at the pop-up stage lays the groundwork for a more permanent business in the future. That leads us to why you should choose Icecool Trailers for walk-in cold room hire.

Pop-Up Retail Food Service

A key component in pop-up success is location. You could make the case that location is everything. As such, the business owner looking to start a new food service establishment may not have the luxury of looking for space with refrigeration already built-in. That's not a problem, though. A temporary walk-in cold room is just what the shop needs.

A cold room from Icecool Trailers does not come fully assembled on the back of a flatbed. Rather, it is delivered as a series of panels that are assembled on site. Our technicians can carry them through an average sized door without any problem. This gives pop-up shop owners a lot more flexibility in the space they select.

All we need is ample room to set up the unit and mains electricity to attach it to. We handle everything else from set-up to testing and hauling the unit away when the customer is finished with it. Our service is ideal for the pop-up shop owner whether he/she intends to make a full-time go of it or only keep the shop open for a few weeks.

Better Than Refrigerated Vans

Pop-up shop entrepreneurs have to make the most of their resources because the only have a limited time to make an impact. So imagine opening a food service establishment and relying on refrigerated van hire to provide your cold storage. A refrigerated van is not the most efficient or cost-effective solution, is it?

Walk-in cold rooms are the better option all the way around. They are installed indoors, so there's no worry about after-hours break-ins. They offer maximum cold storage space as opposed to vans that sacrifice some of that space to the mechanics of the vehicle. Most importantly, Icecool Trailers customers don't have to worry about picking up their walk-in cold rooms and hauling them to the retail site. We deliver, set up, and collect our units.

Are you thinking about your own food service pop-up? If so, know that Icecool Trailers has your back. We can provide the temporary cold storage you need at a price you can afford. We service the entire Greater London area as well as most areas of southern England and South Wales.


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