Advice for Mobile Fridge Trailer Hire

Picture of a Transportable Fridge Trailer

For those who need to travel a lot, and travel with food, our 2.4m fridge trailer hire is one of the most popular choices for versatile easily transportable refrigeration hire.

There are countless situations that require not only a fridge trailer supplied efficiently to a specific outdoor location, but one which can be moved around a lot, shifting from place to place as the need arises.

For food manufacturers – especially those pioneering an innovative new cuisine or food product – the best way to spread word is to let the food advertise itself, and bring it to as many mouths as possible, town by town, food fair by food fair.

Another example might be caterers who are very busy and move around a lot, ensuring the food follows whatever event draws the customers, be it travelling shows, circuses, gigs, or any number of outdoor events.

For those catering to the usual events – weddings, birthday parties, social gatherings, etc. – a fridge trailer’s ability to travel, to get there, and to be moved at short notice is essential.

At Icecool Trailers, our smaller mobile fridge trailers (and freezers) are perfect for this function. To be used in this way, however, there’s some practical tips to be bear in mind. To be properly mobile with a fridge or freezer trailer, it will need to be set up properly and efficiently.

Setting Up

The smaller fridge/freezer trailer at Icecool Trailers is designed to be versatile and easily set up on various terrains. Nevertheless, you’ll need to plan ahead to optimise your catering plan.

Lightweight and equipped with telescopic stands and suspension, an Icecool Trailers fridge or freezer trailer is able to balance on uneven ground but to make best use of this technology and actually get the trailer level, care must be taken. A lop-sided or unstable trailer can cause several problems, and not just the bother of toppling foodstuffs!

A fridge or freezer trailer works by the cycling of a thermal liquid through the trailer to absorb and therefore extract heat from the interior. Once cooled to the desired temperature, the trailer requires relatively little electricity to maintain operate.

If a trailer is not level, then this efficiency is essentially gone, meaning you will be using significantly more electricity for seriously sub-optimal refrigeration. Therefore, when moving from place to place and having the fridge or freezer trailer set up, you need to have a location that is relatively level. The technology is all there to allow you to cope with challenging terrain but know what you are looking for when it comes to location.


An Icecool Trailer fridge or freezer trailer is equipped with everything that is needed for ease of transport and delivery. To that end, know that all our trailers are transported safely and efficiently. We will deliver to your location, set it up and then go through the reverse procedure when it needs to be picked up once you have finished with it.