5 Signs You Could Use Walk-In Chiller Hire

Picture of a Walk-in Chiller

Here at Icecool Trailers, we have been offering trailer and walk-in chiller hire for more than 20 years. We have met a lot of interesting needs in that time. From the caterer looking for a trailer to handle an upcoming wedding to a medical facility in need of a walk-in cold room during expansion construction, we've seen it all.

How about you? Have you ever had need of temporary refrigeration or freezer capacity? If not, the time may eventually come when you find yourself having to call us. Don't worry, we will be ready. In the meantime, read on to find out of you might need us.

Five signs suggesting you need walk-in chiller hire

1. You Smell Something Burning out Back

You are standing in the front of your store, minding your own business, when you suddenly smell something burning out the back. You are not quite sure what it is. The only thing you have back there is your stand-up refrigerator unit. Could it be the source of the odour? What if it is? You could be in the market for a temporary walk-in chiller after the motor on your refrigerator burns up.

2. Your Repair Technician Isn't Optimistic

Guess what? The motor on your refrigerator was burning. Now a repair technician is working feverishly to get things fixed. Unfortunately, he is not optimistic about having your unit up and running any time soon. Better start thinking about arranging for a temporary walk-in cold room.

3. You're Thinking of Expanding

Maybe you're not having any trouble with your existing refrigeration units. Fine. But in the back of your mind, you are thinking about expanding your space. Doing so is going to require an extensive remodelling project. And during construction, your existing walk-in chiller has to go. How are you going to keep things cold?

4. Your Seasonal Schedule Is Overbooked

Perhaps you run a business that is subject to seasonal swells. Maybe you run a restaurant that gets extremely busy around Christmas time. In fact, you've noticed that your schedule is already overbooked. Could it be that the volume of product you will have to order is far greater than your storage capacity? Compared to refrigerated van hire, cold room rental is a better deal all around.

5. You're Already Packed Tight

Perhaps none of these other four signs apply to you. And yet, you know full well that your existing refrigerators and freezers are already packed tight. There isn't any more room to add anything. You definitely have to increase your capacity, but you are not exactly sure what the best solution is. Perhaps renting a cold room from Icecool Trailers is appropriate until you work it out.

There are many different reasons for renting cold rooms and trailers. They do not much matter to us, as long as Icecool Trailers is your provider of choice. We offer multiple sizes of trailers and cold rooms, delivered right to your site and installed by an experienced technician.