4 Surprising Things You Might Keep in a Walk-In Chiller

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As a company with more than two decades experience in the portable refrigeration industry, we have seen it all. It is not unusual for a customer to call in need of a refrigerated trailer or walk-in chiller for purposes we never thought of. Indeed, there are a lot of things we keep refrigerated that people take for granted.

To underscore the wide variety of applications our trailers and walk-in rooms are suitable for, we have compiled a list of four things you might be surprised to learn are typically stored in walk-in chillers. This list is by no means exhaustive; there are plenty more where these came from.

1. Fresh Cut Flowers

Most of us are aware that fresh cut flowers have a limited shelf life. So how do flower shops and the producers they buy from keep the products from going bad before being sold? By keeping fresh cut flowers cold. To be sure, the flowers cannot be frozen or that will be the end of them. So both producers and retailers need some sort of on-site cold storage. A lot of retailers choose a walk-in chiller.

2. Batteries

The average UK resident probably doesn't keep batteries in the refrigerator. Retailers don't either, but battery manufacturers and distributors use cold storage when they know they will have excess inventory around for quite a while. Cold batteries keep their charge longer than those stored at room temperature. As a side note, cold batteries discharge more quickly than warm ones, which is why batteries should be allowed to reach room temperature before use.

3. Wax Products

Products made either completely or partially of wax may be stored in cold rooms by manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. As you know, heat is the enemy of wax. Keeping wax products in a walk-in chiller during the summer months could mean the difference between selling all your inventory and throwing some of it away.

Interestingly enough, wax candles preserved in cold storage tend to burn more slowly and with less dripping. Though we don't know why, we suspect something about being exposed to cold temperatures changes the composition of the wax to some degree.

4. Cosmetics

Cosmetics manufacturers tend to vacuum seal their products prior to distribution. Why? Because the shelf life of cosmetics is relatively short. There are some distributors who store cosmetics in chillers just to be on the safe side. Cosmetologists often recommend to their customers to store make-up in the fridge if they have a habit of throwing away products that go bad before they have time to use them.

Just these four things offer a good illustration of why we do such good business with refrigerated trailers and walk-in chillers. People would rather use our equipment than a refrigerated van, given that the differences between refrigerated van hire and our trailers and cold rooms is the difference between renting an entire vehicle and renting just the cold storage space you need.