Advantages of Freezer Trailer Solutions for Farm Produce

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When it comes to farming and agriculture, getting fresh produce from the farm to the consumer's plate is a race against time and nature; from wilting greens to overripe fruits, even the smallest obstacle can diminish the quality of the hard-earned harvest and ruin your bottom line. This is where freezer trailers come in: with temperature-control, mobility and flexibility built into the deal, freezer trailers are a game-changer when it comes to preserving the integrity and freshness of farm produce. So, what are some of the benefits for farmers? Let’s take a look.

Why Do Farmers Need Fridge Trailers?

Mobility Advantage

Mobility is a key factor in the farming industry, as produce typically needs to be transported from remote or rural areas to urban markets at a quick speed. This is where fridge trailers come in handy: these trailers offer mobile cold storage that can travel anywhere at any time, ensuring that the quality of your hard-earned produce is maintained from the farm to the marketplace.

This mobility also offers flexibility in timing; you can transport your goods during cooler parts of the day to further preserve freshness or align with market schedules, and you can even move refrigerated storage directly to the fields or processing areas, reducing the need for multiple handling of produce. The result? A reduction in damage and loss - aka win-win!

Festivals and Farmers Markets

When spring is in the air, there’s only two things we think about: festivals and farmers markets! People will be gearing up to spend more time outdoors enjoying local events, and music festivals immediately come to mind, and that's where the partnership between Icecool Trailers and local farmers comes into play.

After all, selling fresh, honest produce at outdoor festivals is a good way to bring in some extra revenue and expose a local farming operation to the community, but how do you keep your wares fresh? It’s simple: quality freezer trailer rental can help facilitate sales by creating a temperature-controlled environment for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh - even dairy products are kept fresh at outdoor festivals when stored inside a refrigerated trailer!

Cost-Efficiency and Reduced Waste

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Investing in a fridge trailer can also be a cost-effective decision for farmers in the long run, not just for outdoor events. Not only does a fridge trailer reduce the amount of produce wasted due to spoilage, but these trailers can also help maximise the profitability of each harvest. The efficiency in storage and transportation also means farmers can make fewer trips to markets or processing centres, saving on the ever-increasing cost of petrol. And if you’re a farmer you’ll already know that you’re working in an industry where profit margins can be slim - so the reduction of waste and optimisation of resources are always welcome!

Food Preservation and Extra Storage

Finally, one of the primary advantages of fridge trailers for farmers lies in their ability to enhance the preservation of fresh produce: this is done by maintaining a controlled temperature environment, allowing produce - whether it be fruits, vegetables, dairy products, or other perishables - to retain their freshness and nutritional value for longer periods. Aside from guaranteeing freshness, the storage efficiency of these trailers allows you as a farmer to optimise space wherever you need to; these trailers can store a considerable amount of produce in a compact, organised manner, which can come in handy during festive periods or peak harvest seasons when the volume of produce (and the volume of orders) is at its highest.

Ice Cool Trailers: Supplying Your Portable Refrigeration Needs

For more than 20 years, Icecool Trailers have been providing reliable portable cold storage solutions for consumers throughout Greater London, South Wales, Berkshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, and many other parts of the UK. We pride ourselves on state-of-the-art equipment and an in-house staff of technicians that keep all of our units working flawlessly.

We offer several different sizes of refrigerated trailers and freezers for your exterior cold storage needs. Each trailer comes with complete shelving, lighting, and lockable doors. They are an excellent option for any sort of event requiring cold storage outdoors.

For interior cold storage, we also offer several different sizes of walk-in coolers and freezers. These walk-in rooms are brought to your location as a series of panels that are carried in through your door and assembled on site. As with our trailers, each of our walk-in rooms comes complete with shelving and lighting. With just a phone call, you could have expanded freezer or cooler space wherever your current floor plan will allow it.

All in all, walk-in cold rooms and fridge trailer hire is something to consider for your business. Whether you are a speciality food maker visiting farmers markets and local festivals, or you operate a large-scale hotel and catering business, you do not want to be caught without adequate cold storage capabilities. Feel free to call us at Icecool Trailers (01635 250 950) for both emergency and planned cold storage solutions.

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