What Happens When the Walk-in Freezer Fan Dies?

walk in freezer repair

Among all of the repairs made to walk-in refrigerators and freezers, one of the most common is that of replacing a dead fan. Even if everything else in a refrigeration unit is working properly, cold temperatures cannot be maintained if the interior fan is not working. But why? What happens when the walk-in freezer fan actually dies?

The interior fan in a single-stage vapour compression cycle is the most important component for removing heat from the space to be cooled. It is the circulating air created by the fan that makes it possible to transfer interior heat to circulating refrigerant. Allow us to explain.

The vapour compression cycle begins with a refrigerant entering a compressor as a vapour. The compressor does just what its name implies: it compresses the gas as it passes through, discharging a superheated vapour that is then sent on to a condenser unit. That unit condenses the vapour in order to release most of the stored heat. From there, the condensed refrigerant travels to an expansion valve as part vapour and part liquid.

Reaching the expansion valve exposes the refrigerant to a significant drop in pressure, instigating a process known as flash refrigeration. This results in the refrigerant becoming liquid as it enters the interior space of the freezer or refrigerator. Because heat naturally travels to cold spaces, the cycle need only return the refrigerant at a temperature slightly below the refrigerated space in order to absorb heat. The key to this absorption is the interior fan.

The fan inside your walk-in freezer blows warmer air onto the evaporator coils, allowing heat to be absorbed by the refrigerant running through them. The refrigerant is then returned to the compressor to complete the cycle. It all works on the principle of using non-compressed refrigerant to absorb interior heat, compressing that refrigerant, then quickly expanding it in an exterior space in order to release the absorbed heat.

Walk-in Freezer Service

In our attempt to explain the technical aspects of the refrigeration cycle and their relation to a walk-in freezer's interior fan, we hope we have not confused you too much. If so, it is enough to know that Icecool Trailers provides walk-in freezer rental in the Greater London area and throughout most of England and South Wales. Our walk-in freezers can be utilised to meet short-term needs or long-term expansion objectives.

The beauty of walk-in freezer rental from Icecool Trailers is the fact that we do not need an overhead door or loading dock to make delivery. We carry our units right through the front door as a series of easily manageable panels. The unit is then assembled on site and connected to your existing power supply.

Icecool Trailers has been providing both trailers and walk-in rooms to clients for more than 20 years. All of our freezer and refrigerator units come with full shelving, lighting and lockable doors, as well as our 24-hour call-out service for maintenance and repairs. Should your interior fan ever die, you need only call our office for immediate service.

Lockable Walk-In Freezer

Every component in your walk-in freezer is important. However, something as simple as a dead fan could ruin everything. If you need temporary cold storage for any emergency, including a dead fan, call Icecool Trailers. We will provide the cold storage you need until the fan unit is replaced.