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How Quickly can Icecool Cold Rooms be Hired?

If you work in the catering or events trade, or regularly need a large capacity of cold food storage, you will know the importance of being prepared for an emergency. For caterers in particular, your entire livelihood can depend upon how quickly and successfully you can respond to unforeseen events such as your fridge or freezer breaking down.

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Icecool Trailers 1.8m Freezer Room: What You Need to Know

If you’re in the catering trade, you obviously want as much business as possible. However, if you’re in demand, there are times when you’re likely to need some extra storage space for frozen food. Then there are those outdoor events to consider, where you need a satisfactory method of keeping food cold and/ or frozen on site in order to comply with legal requirements.

3.0m Freezer Trailer
Icecool Trailers 3.0m Freezer Room: What You Need to Know

If you run or work for a catering company, you will know the importance of adequate storage space for frozen food. At certain times of year, this can be a problem for those in the catering trade, particularly in the run-up to Christmas, when you are likely to have a lot of party bookings in rapid succession.

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Are Fridge Trailers FSA Compliant?

If you’re holding a large outdoor event, it’s important to bear in mind that all food served to the public has to be stored in a way that complies with Food Standards Agency regulations. So what are those regulations, and do fridge trailers comply?