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Science Refrigerating Bees – For Their Own Good

Our position as a leading provider of portable, temporary refrigeration means that we see many odd uses of our equipment. However, even we were a little surprised to find out that researchers in a number of countries are using refrigeration equipment to cool bees. Yes, bees are being refrigerated by science – for their own good.

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Magnetic Refrigeration Expected to Grow

​As the world aggressively investigates new refrigerants to replace environmentally dangerous HCFCs, an entirely different segment of the industry is pursuing magnetic refrigeration. Now, a brand-new research report from MarketsandMarkets (M&M) suggests there may be a very good future for this new method of refrigeration; perhaps it will eventually make its way to our refrigerated trailers and walk-in cold rooms.

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Food Poisoning More Likely at Home than at a Restaurant

Among the many industries we serve at Icecool Trailers is the restaurant industry. We provide restaurants with portable freezers and refrigerators for catered events, outdoor festivals, and the like. We also provide emergency refrigeration for the restaurant that suffers a mechanical breakdown of owned equipment. Therefore, we know that most restaurants take great care to ensure that both refrigeration and food storage practices are safe and in compliance with regulations. Consumers are more likely to get food poisoning at home than at a restaurant as a result of refrigeration issues.2

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Fridge Trailer Hire: All Customers Deserve the Best

Marketing Magazine recently ran a fascinating piece discussing the fact that today's social media savvy consumers know what they want and will not settle for complacency. If they spot anything they deem a symptom of complacency, they take to their social media channels to let it be known. The magazine cited last year's dustup with Tesco as just one example. What they discussed is something we have known for a long time: our customers deserve the very best when it comes to freezer and fridge trailer hire.