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Emergency Coldroom Hire
Emergency refrigeration - how fast can you get it?

In the event of a refrigeration emergency, such as a freezer breaking down with no warning sign, time is of the essence. After all, food that needs to be chilled will decompose sooner rather than later. Emergency refrigeration is an important service we offer, because we know when a freezer breaks down its contents will be of no use when exposed to warm temperatures for long

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Do cold rooms meet food hygiene requirements?

As a reputable business that handles food, we understand that food hygiene and compliance with the laws regarding the storage of food is of paramount importance to you. You will be pleased to learn that freezer trailers and mobile cold rooms are perfectly fine, as far as compliance is concerned, for short-term and long-term freezing and chilling solutions.

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Top tips for getting the most out of your cold room

Looking after your cold room is pretty easy; give it a good clean every now and then and run a strict sanitising regime, and you will be good to go for the duration of your hire period. To get the most from your cold room, though, a little extra effort is required.

Coldroom and trailer hire from Icecool
Storing frozen goods in a fridge trailer or cold room

We are often asked about whether or not it is possible to safely store frozen goods in our fridge trailers and cold rooms. So, we thought we’d write an article addressing this. Many businesses who hire fridge trailers and cold rooms from ourselves actually store frozen goods overnight or throughout the day in their unit.