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Picture of Multiple Unnecessary Fridges
Replacing Multiple Units with a Single Walk-In Freezer

Clients contacting us looking for refrigerator or walk-in freezer hire sometimes have to be led through the process of deciding just how much portable cold storage they need. A client can call thinking that multiple units would be best when a single walk-in unit would be better. We take the time to work with clients to figure out just the right solution to each of their individual challenges.

Picture of Mobile Refrigeration
Sometimes You Only Need Mobile Refrigeration

Let us say a London hospital is undergoing a complete renovation of its commercial kitchen facilities. A company that provides bespoke temporary kitchens would be the best candidate to provide the facilities the hospital needs during the construction project. But such projects are an extreme example of what happens in our industry. Sometimes you only need mobile refrigeration. In fact, that is the case most times.

Picture of a Refrigeration Van
What You Really Get with Refrigerated Van Hire

We would never prevent a customer from renting a refrigerated van if he or she determined it was in his/her best interests. But we do make every effort to explain why, compared to refrigerated van hire, our trailers and walk-in rooms are a much better choice. To that end, we want to use this post to explain what you really get when you rent a refrigerated van.

Picture of Chiller Hire
Winter Chiller Hire More Common Than You Might Think

What do you normally think of when the topic of chiller hire comes up? If you are like most people, you think of a freezer or refrigerator going down in the heat of the summer when a restaurant or caterer can least afford it. Believe it or not, winter chiller hire is fairly common too. It might be more common than most people think.