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Picture of Food Waste
Emergency Refrigeration Lessons from a Food Waste Expert

Here at Icecool Trailers, we are obsessed with all things refrigeration. So it is no surprise that we were intrigued by an article published in the Daily Mail back in mid-February. The article was all about smashing some of the more common myths that lead to food waste in the UK. There are lessons to be learned from the piece.

Picture of Icecool Trailer
How to Be a Successful Cold Storage Provider

Icecool Trailers has more than two decades experience providing trailer and cold room storage to meet temporary needs. We are proud of our history yet ever cognisant of the fact that past successes offer only limited benefits for meeting current needs. We must constantly strive to serve our customers according to what they need in the moment, not based on what our industry was like in the past.

Picture of a Fridge Storage Soltuion
Maximise Walk-In Chiller Space by Being Organised

You might be familiar with the name Iryna Federico if you are into food blogs. If not, Federico became an overnight internet sensation when she shared pictures of her pantry on social media in 2017. Well, she's back with a new round of pictures showing how she organizes her refrigerator. What does that have to do with us? It provides an illustration to our customers of how they can maximise walk-in chiller space just by being organised.

Picture of Wedding Fridge Trailer Rental
Fridge Trailer Rental: Avoid Wedding Day Nightmares

The Daily Mail published a story on 26th February detailing a number of brides who sued their caterer after he delivered food not befitting the day being celebrated. That got us to thinking. There are lots of ways to create a wedding day nightmare by serving bad food. Not having adequate refrigeration is one of those ways.