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modular, mobile cold room in use by caterer
Global Food Waste Sheds Light on Temporary Refrigeration

A recent report published by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME) suggests that developing better refrigeration could reduce global food waste and, as a result, provide better food security for developing countries. The report, while comprehensive and global in nature, really sheds a light on the idea of temporary refrigeration. The entire mobile refrigeration business in the West is centred on preserving food in order to avoid waste.

refrigerated trailers and vans - we compare the two options
Refrigerated Van Versus Refrigeration Trailer Hire

A Gloucestershire restaurant was recently preparing to participate as a vendor at an outdoor event for the first time. Not knowing exactly what they were getting into, the restaurant owners began looking into options for portable refrigeration. The first thing they looked at was refrigerated van hire. Yet a careful evaluation of their needs revealed that refrigeration trailer hire was a better option.

temporary refrigeration by Icecool Trailers of Berkshire
Temporary Refrigeration for the Medical Field

In 2013, NHS Supply Chain published an important paper outlining how healthcare providers can take advantage of temporary refrigeration options. The NHS Supply Chain can provide medical facilities with a number of refrigeration options for storing blood, pathology samples, and so on.

walk-in freezers to hire for the catering trade
Weighing the Costs of Walk-In Freezer Hire

The portable cold storage business is made up of two types of clients: those who need equipment for a planned event and those who need help with an emergency. Believe it or not, the base of our business is the first group. Thus, we often find ourselves helping clients weigh the costs of walk-in freezer hire against its benefits. The cost of renting a portable freezer unit runs far deeper than just the bottom line price a company pays for the rental. There are so many other things to consider. For example, what is the cost of renting versus buying? Alternatively, what is the cost of losing business because you do not have enough cold storage capacity? These are just two of the questions to consider when weighing the cost of temporary cold storage.