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Emergency Freezer Hire: Appropriate Uses

As a company specialising in emergency freezer higher, Icecool Trailers has seen just about everything. And believe us when we say there are appropriate and not-so-appropriate uses for portable freezers. Let's start with the inappropriate uses by way of a bizarre news article out of India.

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Portable Refrigeration: Making Festivals a Reality

We're sure you are aware that the UK will be home to dozens of outdoor festivals this summer. For example, the Party in the Park concerts hosted by local radio stations will cover nearly every major city from London to Cardiff to Edinburgh. And of course, don't forget the big-name festivals like Glastonbury and Jersey Live. It turns out that portable refrigeration rental is one of the things that makes all these festivals possible. After all, how much fun would a festival be without access to great food and drink? And that great food and drink would not be possible without on-site refrigeration capacity.

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Three Advantages of Portable Chiller Hire

What do you do about refrigeration if you are planning a big wedding party large enough to require you to hold the event outdoors? Alternatively, how about those times when you risk food spoilage due to a sudden loss of power? You could spend a fortune on small, portable coolers filled with lots of melting ice, or you could ensure there are no problems by arranging for portable chiller hire. The choice here is obvious. Portable chiller hire offers you a number of advantages over almost any other kind of refrigeration. Here are just three of those advantages: