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Interesting Industrial Uses for Temporary Refrigeration

Most of the calls we get at Icecool Trailers involve things you would readily associate with temporary refrigeration. Today we might get a call from a restaurant needing a couple of refrigerated trailers to store food for an upcoming corporate gathering they will be catering. Tomorrow it might be a school building that needs walk-in chiller hire for the summer while kitchen facilities are being expanded. However, the equipment and services we provide go well beyond just keeping food cold and fresh. There are many interesting industrial uses for temporary refrigeration that you may never have thought of.

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Emergencies can Require Fridge Trailer Hire

It is amazing how much an emergency can disrupt day-to-day activities. As a leading provider of emergency fridge trailer hire in London, we know from personal experience that there is no such thing as a small crisis. Any emergency has the potential to develop into something very serious if not handled right away.

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It's Not a Trailer but It Is Portable Cold Storage

If you have an appreciation for cold beverages and all things Star Wars, you are in luck. An Asian company has just introduced a life-size R2-D2 robot that doubles as a rolling refrigerator. It is no refrigerated trailer, but it is a novel way to address the question of portable cold storage on a personal level. The machine is incredibly realistic in both detail and function.

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Refrigerant Prices Affect Trailer Rental

There is little doubt that F-gas regulations will drastically change both commercial and residential refrigeration for decades to come. As Europe moves to abolish the use of certain chemical refrigerants that negatively affect the atmosphere, new refrigerants will have to rise to take their place. All of this will have an effect on refrigerated trailer rental although the impact on our industry will not be nearly as significant as other industries.