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Imagine Owning the Only Refrigerator in Town!

Imagine what life would be like if you owned the only refrigerator in your town. Such a scenario sounds absurd to those of us living in Europe, where refrigeration is taken for granted, but it is quite real in many parts of India. It is a scenario that recently played out when a tailor in north-east India became the first person in his community to purchase a refrigerator.

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Ice Cream Market May Need More Fridge Trailer Hire

The market for delicious ice cream in Britain is booming. According to the Harrogate Informer, ice cream companies across the country are recording their best sales in 10 years, both domestically and internationally. The same companies are looking at a very robust 2015 as well. We are pleased to hear this, given the fact that an increased demand for ice cream during the warmer weather also increases the demand for fridge trailer hire.

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Greater Emphasis on 'Cold Economy'

A prominent carbon consultancy firm is calling on the British government to refocus its energy reduction and refinement attentions on what they call the 'cold economy'. Carbon Trust says that refocusing carbon reduction strategies and improving everything from portable refrigeration to environmental cooling could create tens of thousands of jobs while also helping Britain reach its carbon reduction goals.

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Trailers and Walk-In Rooms for Medical Refrigeration

When talking about what we do here at Icecool Trailers, the context is often providing temporary refrigeration for food service applications. This is not without reason. The majority of our business involves food service companies, including restaurants and caterers. Yet there is more to what we do than just protecting food from spoilage. Another important part of our business is medical refrigeration that involves refrigerated trailers and walk-in cold rooms.