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Picture of a Ice Cube
Freezer Trailer Hire: Don't Forget the Ice

Customers who call us for freezer trailer hire may be in need of trailers for any number of reasons. We may work with a caterer putting on a holiday party or a college in need of extra cold storage during kitchen renovations. One thing common to every case is the need to protect items from spoilage – including ice.

Picture of Dining Space
Fridge Trailer Hire the Perfect Complement to Modular Dining

There is an emerging trend in temporary kitchen and dining space made possible by modular building construction. This trend is leading to the emergence of service providers who assist customers by providing them with temporary, modular buildings that accommodate the need for dining space. We believe fridge trailer hire is the perfect complement to modular dining.

Picture of Emergency Fridge Trailer
Emergency Refrigeration Is Not Just for Food

Regular readers of our blog know that emergency refrigeration is not limited to protecting food. There are numerous industries that rely on refrigeration and freezing capacity for day-to-day operations. Businesses in any of these industries could be adversely affected by an emergency that took down cold storage capacity. For example, consider a small lab operating at Imperial College London. They rely on cold storage to keep their brain bank in operation.

Picture of Christmas Food Stall
Start Planning for Your Festive Fridge Trailer Rental Now

Every autumn, Icecool Trailers publishes one or two blog posts encouraging our customers to begin preparing for the upcoming festive season as soon as possible. This year is no exception. In fact, a gradually improving economy and greater demand for fridge trailer rental makes it even more necessary to start planning from now.