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Emergency Chiller Hire: You Just Don't Know

For the second time in a month, a Tesco store in Little Lever (Greater Manchester) lost thousands of pounds of fresh and frozen food after chillers and freezers inexplicably broke down. Although technicians were able to get the units up and running within 24 hours, the store still lost almost all of its refrigerated and frozen stock in the incident. It just goes to show that you never know when you might need emergency chiller hire.

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Promise of UHT Milk Never Materialised

In 2008, the UK government proposed a plan to require 90% of the milk sold in the country to be UHT milk by 2020. It was believed that a market dominated by UHT products would require far less refrigeration and, as a result, help to reduce greenhouse gases and ensure the UK met its emissions goals in the future. Unfortunately – perhaps fortunately, depending on your perspective – the promise of UHT milk never materialised.

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Solid-State Temporary Refrigeration Closer to Reality

In 2008, Science Daily published a fascinating article about a new line of research aimed at producing solid-state refrigeration that was both highly efficient and practical to implement. Researchers involved in the project had high hopes that they could create a refrigeration process that would eventually lead to the elimination of compressors, coils and refrigerants that could harm the environment. Now it appears we are closer to that reality than ever before.

Heat waves can lead to refrigeration failures
Two Lessons to Learn from the Recent Heat Wave

A severe heat wave that hit the UK in 2003 led to massive refrigeration failures in a variety of different industries. Hardest hit were supermarkets that found themselves completely unprepared without adequate backup refrigeration or resources to get their failed units back online. One would think we would have learned from the events of 12 years ago. Apparently not. The recent heat wave we just experienced resulted in the same kinds of failures. Whether supermarket coolers or walk-in cold rooms, the country’s equipment just could not withstand the heat.