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How to Replace a Walk-In Chiller in 3 Easy Steps

This past December (2014), Swindon Hospital was fortunate enough to be able to replace two walk-in chillers without losing any of its cooling capacity in the process. The replacement was the result of an upgrade from older 50kW units to new 65kW units capable of operating at -7°C. The project was completed over two weekends to avoid any losses in the catering department.

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Better Use of Refrigerators and Freezers

Europe's largest frozen food company is partnering with a group of others to form a coalition that will soon launch a brand-new campaign to promote better use of refrigerators and freezers in Europe. Iglo Group is the main driving force behind the iFreeze campaign that gets under way very soon. This latest campaign follows on the heels of a previous Iglo campaign known as Forever Food Together.

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Why Cold Storage Advertising Isn't for Chiller Hire

We like to stay abreast of all the latest developments in the refrigeration industry so that we can remain on the cutting edge. To that end, we recently read a news story involving a company that has incorporated video advertising with cold storage. The idea is to use LCD screens built into commercial coolers to display messaging that will encourage patrons to purchase whatever is behind the glass.

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Same-Day Chiller Hire: Don't Take It for Granted

The new refrigeration editor at ACHR News recently wrote a piece introducing himself to his readers and declaring that the refrigeration industry is anything but boring. In his article, editor Ron Rajecki also made the point that we tend to take refrigeration for granted in the modern era. He was speaking primarily of refrigeration at the consumer level, but the truth certainly applies to same-day chiller hire at the commercial and industrial levels. Businesses take refrigeration for granted just as individual consumers do.