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outdoor refrigeration options for weddings
How Refrigeration Has Changed the Way We Look at Food

As we work our way toward summer, we at Icecool Trailers are expecting to work our fair share of weddings, outdoor festivals, corporate gatherings, etc. Even now, we are preparing our fleet of refrigerated trailers, freezers, and walk-in cold rooms so that we are ready for any contingency.

mobile refrigeration
Cold Storage: Evaporative Cooling vs Refrigeration

In previous blog posts, we have explained how the refrigeration process works to power the freezers and refrigerated trailers we provide our customers. Without the refrigeration cycle, the portable cold storage industry would not exist. The nature of cold storage for commercial purposes is such that refrigeration based on compressors and condensers is required to achieve desirable results.

peak in refrigeration hire as weather warms up
Organising Your Fridge Trailer for Maximum Efficiency

We are fast approaching that time of year when Icecool Trailers experiences a temporary peak in service. Fridge trailer hire spikes during the late spring and summer months due to the large number of outdoor events our customers participate in. Between weddings and public festivals, we have more trailers in service during this time of year than in any other.

walk in freezer repair
What Happens When the Walk-in Freezer Fan Dies?

Among all of the repairs made to walk-in refrigerators and freezers, one of the most common is that of replacing a dead fan. Even if everything else in a refrigeration unit is working properly, cold temperatures cannot be maintained if the interior fan is not working. But why? What happens when the walk-in freezer fan actually dies?