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Medical Refrigeration Can Be Complicated

In previous blog posts, we have briefly touched on the need for providing temporary refrigeration to companies storing medical supplies. Now we want to carry that thought one step further by talking about the complex nature of these kinds of operations. It is one thing for a restaurant to call us looking for an emergency refrigerated trailer in the heart of London; it is entirely different to receive a call from a medical facility in need of temporary cold storage.

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Magnetic Refrigeration May Be the Wave of the Future

When you call Icecool Trailers for same-day cold room hire, we deliver a trailer or walk-in room designed and constructed according to principles that have not changed much in more than 100 years. Our units rely on a compressor system and the time-tested principle of lowering temperature by expanding and compressing a refrigerant gas. However, it appears as though the days of gas refrigerants are quickly coming to a close. What will replace gas? Magnets are a very strong candidate.

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Effective Pest Control with the Portable Freezer

Icecool Trailers frequently brings you interesting stories to help underscore the versatility of portable refrigeration. It is part of our effort to let our customers know that there are plenty of valid uses for refrigerated trailers and walk-in freezers, above and beyond catering and restaurant storage. In light of that, let us introduce to you a story out of Australia that combines cane toads with portable freezers.

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Construction Offers Cold Storage Opportunities

Residents living in Salford will soon have the chance to enjoy Manhattan-style housing thanks to a brand-new project getting under way along the River Irwell. Councillors recently gave approval for a 15-story, 372-unit residential block to be constructed on a 1.7-acre site on Woden Street. Thanks to retail development on the first floor, the project is also opening doors to cold storage opportunities.