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Eco-Friendliness: Walk-In Freezer Hire vs Freezer Van

A caterer in central London has accepted a job to provide meals for 200 guests at an upcoming corporate gathering. The complexity of the job requires some of the food to be prepared at the caterer's location before being transported and stored at the site of the event. The question for the caterer is how to keep that food from spoiling. He is considering two choices: walk-in freezer hire or renting a freezer van. We believe the walk-in freezer is better on multiple levels, including the fact that it is more eco-friendly.

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CO2 Refrigerants, a Green Alternative

As the permanent and temporary refrigeration industries seek to replace refrigerants that are not environmentally friendly, the options right now are few and far between. However, there is promise with a new line of refrigerants based on carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2-based refrigerants are extremely friendly to the environment while also being reasonably productive compared to more traditional products. Some big-name companies that most of us would probably recognise are already using these refrigerants.

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EPEE Future Strategy to Affect Cold Storage

It is no secret that European stakeholders are preparing for a future without certain types of refrigerants and some of the technologies that have provided the cold storage capacity we have needed for a productive cold chain. We have seen the European Union begin devising and implementing strategies for this future. Now the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) has stepped up with an announcement of their new plan for taking the heating and cooling industry into the future as part of the EU Energy Union framework.

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Interesting Industrial Uses for Temporary Refrigeration

Most of the calls we get at Icecool Trailers involve things you would readily associate with temporary refrigeration. Today we might get a call from a restaurant needing a couple of refrigerated trailers to store food for an upcoming corporate gathering they will be catering. Tomorrow it might be a school building that needs walk-in chiller hire for the summer while kitchen facilities are being expanded. However, the equipment and services we provide go well beyond just keeping food cold and fresh. There are many interesting industrial uses for temporary refrigeration that you may never have thought of.