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Will China Be First to Have Natural Refrigerant?

In the race to develop natural refrigerants that do not harm the atmosphere, the world's developed countries are leaving no potential opportunities off the table. The eventual winner of this race may be the most unlikely of all: China. As a communist country known for its lack of environmental respect and manufacturing quality, China is the last country most would expect to achieve widespread use of natural refrigerants. Yet it looks like they are well on their way.

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Same-Day Chiller Hire a Big Part of Our Business

Same-day chiller hire is one of the many services we offer here at Icecool Trailers. Believe it or not, we get many questions about whether or not same-day hire is a legitimate need in the UK. It actually is. Not everyone who calls us for service is scheduling equipment rental weeks or months in advance. We get plenty of calls from customers who need help right away.

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Temporary Refrigeration for Greenhouse Operations

‚ÄčA recent article published in Greenhouse Management magazine caught our eye because it dealt with upgrading refrigeration equipment to improve efficiency and save energy. The article got us thinking about the possible uses for refrigeration in greenhouse operations, leading us to understand that there is an entirely new market for our temporary refrigeration solutions that we had never even thought of. One of our trailers or walk-in rooms could be the perfect solution for a greenhouse operation looking to expand, temporarily handle excessive overhead, or provide cold storage while existing permanent units are replaced or upgraded.

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Eco-Friendliness: Walk-In Freezer Hire vs Freezer Van

A caterer in central London has accepted a job to provide meals for 200 guests at an upcoming corporate gathering. The complexity of the job requires some of the food to be prepared at the caterer's location before being transported and stored at the site of the event. The question for the caterer is how to keep that food from spoiling. He is considering two choices: walk-in freezer hire or renting a freezer van. We believe the walk-in freezer is better on multiple levels, including the fact that it is more eco-friendly.