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Freezer Room Assembly
How Long Will A Freezer Room Take to Assemble?

There are times when you need additional cold storage space, especially if you’re in the catering or hospitality industry; and as your time is precious and costs money, you want a solution that is as quick and simple as possible. However, sometimes a fridge or fridge trailer isn’t the answer.

Cold Room Storage
What is Cold Room Storage Suitable For?

Cold room storage is a vital requirement in the food, catering and hospitality industries. It is suitable for all foodstuffs, enabling you to comply with the law on food safety by keeping all food products fresh. It also saves your company money through minimising wastage; food produce that has been kept at too high a temperature for too long has to be thrown away.

Fridge Trailer Delivery
We Will Deliver Your Fridge Trailer To You

Trying to source and collect an emergency refrigeration solution can take a huge chunk out of your precious time, losing you money and potential customers with every hour that passes. Now these worries can be a thing of the past, as help is on hand from Icecool Trailers.

cold room hire
How Quickly can Icecool Cold Rooms be Hired?

If you work in the catering or events trade, or regularly need a large capacity of cold food storage, you will know the importance of being prepared for an emergency. For caterers in particular, your entire livelihood can depend upon how quickly and successfully you can respond to unforeseen events such as your fridge or freezer breaking down.